Orland Park-based Edwards Realty Company Launches Pop Local Program at the Orland Park Crossing (UPDATED)Olessa Hanzlikon September 24, 2021 at 3:00 pm

Orland Park, IL-based Edwards Realty Company (ERC), a boutique property management, investment, and development firm, announced the expansion of its Pop Local program to Orland Park Crossing. The program, which has supported local entrepreneurs across the Midwest, focuses on giving small business owners an opportunity to gain awareness for their products in a traditional retail environment.

About Edwards Realty Company

Edwards Realty Company is a leading real estate investment, development, and management firm with three decades of experience investing in communities. Over the past 30 years, Edwards Realty Company has developed a diverse portfolio of mixed-use properties across the Midwest. Their open-air centers are “Centers of Attention” in their respective neighborhoods and represent an innovative convergence of community, compassion, commitment, and commerce.

ERC kicked off the program at the Orland Park Crossing on August 3rd. They’re offering one local entrepreneur or small business owner free retail space beginning in October 2021 for three full months through the holiday season and into the new year. The Pop Local program is an additional initiative led by ERC to help invigorate an important intersection within Orland Park into a defined and vibrant centralized business district.


Through Pop Local, the lucky winner will gain access and support to reach local residents in Orland Park and the surrounding area, as well as provide resources to build out their space and marketing support to draw attention to their business.

“Orland Park has been our company’s home for many years. Bringing our successful Pop Local program to this area is just one way that we can help small business owners get their businesses off the ground,” said Ramzi Hassan, President of ERC. “We are thinking big picture for Orland Park by identifying opportunities to incorporate Orland Park Crossing into our overall vision for Downtown Orland Park. Our hope is that through this strategy and with programs like Pop Local, we can draw attention and interest from small business owners and local area residents to our community.”


Local small business owners and entrepreneurs who are interested in participating in the program can apply through an online application form at ShopPopLocal.com from August 3- August 31st. Submissions will be narrowed down to three finalists and the community will have the chance to vote for the winner online. Finalists will be notified at the beginning of September and the official program winner will be announced on October 1st. For more details on the Pop


Local program, and to apply, please visit ShopPopLocal.com


Edwards Realty Group Announces Finalists for Pop Local Program


ERC to Host Upcoming Showcase Event, Giving Community Voters an Opportunity to Learn About Local Finalists

WHAT: Edwards Realty Company (ERC), a boutique property management, investment, and development firm, is hosting a showcase day for the finalists of its Pop Local program at the Orland Park Crossing this Saturday, September 25th.

The community, along with local guest judges will vote on which of the below small business owner finalists will receive three months of free retail space beginning in October, with unprecedented storefront access at the Orland Park Crossing.

About the Finalists

Aura Bazaar: Aura Bazaar is a clothing boutique that serves every size. The owner, Jessica Morales, has been fighting to keep her size inclusive clothing business alive since 2012. It took a big hit due to the pandemic, forcing her to close her Chicago storefront in March of this year.

Beauty and Brains Organization: Beauty & Brains focuses on empowering young black women in high education and helping kids to have access to a good education. They’re Chicago sisters who saw firsthand the disadvantages that young girls of color face when it comes to access to a good education and decided to do something about it.

Her Crystals: Her Crystals is a unique crystal shop, that is soul-centered, a place for people to achieve their goals for spiritual growth and development. Their mission is to bring customers the crystals and guidance needed to fulfill their life’s purpose.

Pomp & Chic Boutique: Pomp & Chic is a lifestyle brand focused on curating a collection of fashion that embraces body positivity and promotes confidence. Their goal is to help customers feel good in the skin they’re in and ending retail intimidation.

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