On the fortieth anniversary of my father’s death, there’s still room for gratitude

On the fortieth anniversary of my father’s death, there’s still room for gratitude

“The trick is to live long enough so your children aren’t naming their children after you.”~H.D. Moore

A couple of weeks ago I was scrolling through photos on my phone with my one-year-old grandson. We came across the above photo. It’s a picture of my dad (on the far left) with his uncle and his brother. While he looked at it I said to him, “That’s mama’s grandpa.” I then peeked over at my daughter and thought how sad it is that she never had the opportunity to meet her grandfather.

Today is the fortieth anniversary of my father’s death. He died at age fifty-seven and sadly he missed out on so much. Out of eight grandchildren, he met only one. That relationship lasted only three years. There are now also seven great-grandchildren. That’s fifteen people that will only know of my father through photos and stories. They missed out on so much, too.

And yet, on this sad milestone day, I can’t help but to feel blessed. I have so much gratitude that I’ve been able to see my children grow into adults. I’m grateful that I’m able to know my grandson and make memories with him.

So here’s to my dad. We’ll keep your memory alive. And here’s to your offspring that is doing that. Long may all of us run.

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Every five years or so I decide to update this section. I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for close to ten years. The last time I did this I was close to sixty years old. Now I’m just a few months away from the big 7-ZERO. Scary AF!!! I’m pretty sure I won’t be doing an update when I hit 80, but you never know. But until then, lets just be grateful.

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