Of all The Titles in the world/ “Daddy” Hands Down tops the List/

Of all The Titles in the world/ “Daddy” Hands Down tops the List/

Of all the titles and ranks a man holds during his lifetime, and all the praise and accolades, both military and civilian, holding the title “DADDY” is without question the single most source of pride a man could have. I can now proudly add Grandpa to that magical list.

“Any fool can have a child, but that doesn’t make you a Father, it’s the courage to raise a child that makes you a Father,” said lots of wise folks. Any man can be a Dad but it takes someone special to be a Father. It took me five decades before I really realized how special it was to be called “DADDY” And then another three decades GOD WILLING to be called Grandpa–I love you Dad and cherish the times we had together. Thanks for it all, I never got the chance to say it while you were here. To Michael Ann and Runi Rose, and my love Terry, thanks for this precious gift and for not letting a thrill of a lifetime pass me by.

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Bob Angone is a Marine VETERAN and a retired Chicago Police Lieutenant. He worked his entire Career covering the streets of Chicago as a Tactical Officer, Tactical Sergeant, and Tactical Lieutenant. His last assignments were in special Functions, he was the C/O of the Chicago Police Swat teams his last five years and was an HBT (Hostage Barricade Terrorist) Sergeant for 10 years.

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