Notre Dame Football: These two stars are finally reunited in NFLVincent Pariseon November 3, 2022 at 11:00 am

Notre Dame has been pumping out some amazing NFL talent over the years. In fact, they have a long rich history of seeing their players move on to the game’s highest level and have success. They are hoping that this new wave of talent that has recently come out can get it going.

The Chicago Bears made a move on Tuesday ahead of the NFL’s trade deadline that surprised some people. Although it seemed like he was going to end up with the Green Bay Packers, the Bears swooped in and landed Chase Claypool from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This is a great move for the Bears as they give Justin Fields another weapon to throw to as they try to further his development. The former Notre Dame star is going to Chicago to be with the team that is pretty close to his school.

With all of the Notre Dame support in Chicago, there have to be a lot of people excited about this. Something that makes it even cooler is the fact that he is going to join his buddy, Cole Kmet. The two of them were outstanding together in Irish uniforms.

Two Notre Dame stars are finally reunited in the National Football League.

The two former Notre Dame stars were both drafted about half a dozen picks apart in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft. The Bears got Kmet and the Steelers landed Claypool but now they are reunited in Chicago.

Kmet needs a boost. He has had some nice moments but he has overall not lived up to expectations. Claypool has been okay but it is obvious that the Steelers didn’t use him the right way. These two have mostly only had bad quarterbacks throwing to them as well.

Now, Fields is beginning to take some amazing steps. He is by far the best quarterback to ever throw to either of these guys. We can only hope that the two Notre Dame stars can take advantage of the Ohio State kid.

Getting Fields as much help as they can is important for the Bears. It would just be nice if two great Notre Dame players were able to be a big part of it. Their first game together in the NFL will come at noon on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins.

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