Notre Dame finally has a respectable CFB Playoff rankingVincent Pariseon November 23, 2022 at 5:50 pm

Over the weekend, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football team played one of their most complete games of the season when they defeated Boston College in South Bend by a final score of 44-0. It is now their 5th straight win after a tough 3-3 start.

Since the 3-3 start, the Irish have been trying to gain the respect back that they deserve. They had a bad start but now they are trying to show that they were just learning things under Marcus Freeman. He has done a great job with this team over the last handful of weeks.

The College Football Playoff committee is showing them respect as they ranked the top 25 teams on Tuesday night. They came in at number 15.

It isn’t a ranking that suggests that they have a chance at a playoff spot but it suggests that a strong finish and a good start in 2023 will go a long way for them. They are only getting better as they get used to the change in the head coach.

Notre Dame is finally getting the respect that they deserve in the CFB Playoff.

Georgia came in at number one. Ohio State and Michigan came in at two and three. TCU rounded out the top four that would make the playoffs with LSU and USC ranked just outside at five and six.

With Georgia and LSU set to play in the SEC Championship game in a few weeks, things will get interesting with them involved. Michigan and Ohio State play each other this weekend in Rivalry Week so one of them is going to drop out as well.

All of these headlines are while College Football is must-see TV. Notre Dame has been a part of these conversations over the last few years but now they have to watch Brian Kelly be a part of it with LSU. It isn’t fun but Notre Dame will get back involved soon enough.

Notre Dame’s big win over Clemson will be seen as the first signature win in the career of Marcus Freeman and it is a big reason for their current 15th overall ranking.

Now, they have their big rivalry game against USC. This is a big test for the Irish and they have a chance to shake everything up ahead of championship week.

If the Irish upset USC, that will pretty much ruin their chances of making the playoff. It is good to see Notre Dame in this position after its bad start to the 2022 season. The future is bright for them.

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