Non-Alcohol Beer Preview: Best Day Brewing

Non-Alcohol Beer Preview: Best Day Brewing

Best Day Non-Alcohol Beers

I have another non-alcoholic brew that’s been sent to me by the brewer for my comment. I seem to get offered the NA beers, and the gluten-free beers, I guess because I like to talk about them. And people looking for those alternative brews seem to find me.

Best Day Brewing specializies in non-alcohol brews. Founder Tate Huffard spent some years developing non-alcohol beers, according to his website, The beers are traditionally brewed at various contract brewers. The alcohol is removed, with some antioxidants and vitamins added.

Best Day Kölsch Style Ale

I started with a video about their Kölsch-style. I figured its a lighter beer style that might with well with the NA process. The can notes that it’s 55 calories.

This pours a bright, fizzy beer color, under a thick foamy head. And sometimes, the NA beers can be pitiable on foam, so this is nice. The nose is recognizably malty, without “off” character.

The taste has no off flavors either: no saccharine sweetness, not the odd metallic tang I sometimes got on NA beers. It just seems to be a beer, recognizable as a K¨ölsch-type ale, in which alcohol just isn’t a factor. Just a nice, fizzy little barley pop.

Best Day West Coast IPA

The second of two six-packs they sent to me. They also make a Hazy IPA. BTW, since these are non-alcoholic, they can be ordered online and shipped to your home. Made with Cascade hops. 68 calories.

This pours darker than the other beer. An amber color with a bit of haze, and tall, rocky head. The smell has a note of west coast resiny hop, but there is a bit of that metallic note that wasn’t in the Kölsch. Just a bit.

The taste is still kind of off-balance. Hoppy beers don’t always work out without some alcohol to support them. Unlike the Kölsch, this has some side notes that take me out of the IPA zone. Bitterness builds up as I go through the glass, giving it some redemption at the end.


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