NFL Overreaction Wednesday, Week 8, trade deadline edition: Bears believe in Fields future, Jag’s build around Lawrence, the Dolphins are all in and more

Overreaction: The Bear believe in Fields Future

The Bears finally added a weapon for Justin Fields by trading a 2023 second round pick for Chase Claypool, but that does not mean Just Fields future with the Bears is secure. Fields has struggled in his time as the Bears starter, having being sacked the most times in the NFL (31) this year. However, all the blame cannot go on the young QB.  Fields has show clear signs of improvement and regression this season. Viral clips of him missing wide open receivers have surfaced and may have Bears fans and the front office second guessing the future of Fields.

Fields has loads of untapped potential, he’s been said to have the arm talent of Patrick Mahomes with the speed of Lamar Jackson. Quarterbacks are given NFL comparisons in college all the time and it’s no surprise to see a quarterback taken in the first round only for a team to take another one the next year (Arizona, 2019).

Potential aside, Fields will need help to grow into his comps and if he does not get the help he needs this season to grow we could see a new QB. The Bear need to give Fields his fair shot, where he has weapons and has an offensive line to protect him. Time will tell of Fields is the go-to-guy in Chicago or another place holder until the Bear find their franchise QB.

Not an Overreaction: The Dolphins are all in

Miami has the best wide receiver duo in the NFL and after a busy trade deadline they may have the best running back duo as well. The former 49er’s assistant now head coach of the Dolphins, Mike McDaniel has traded for another form 49er running back. After having former 49er Raheem Mostert lead the Dolphins backfield, Miami went out and traded for former 49ers starter Jeff Wilson. This gives them a lethal 1-2 punch with the cost being a fifth round draft pick and Chase Edmonds being part of the deal to acquire Bradley Chubb.

Chubb’s deal was steep price but the Dolphins paid it, giving up a 2023 first round draft pick, a 2024 fourth round pick and 3rd down running back Chase Edmonds whom they had just signed in the offseason. For Bradley Chubb and a 2025 fifth round draft pick. Chubb has been one of the most efficient pass rushers in the league. Ranking third in edge rusher win rate.

Chubb is paired with 2021 first round pick Jaelen Philips on the edge and with 10 year NFL veteran Melvin Ingram in the mix. The Dolphin addressed their number one issue of a consistent pass rush and may have the best pass rush in the NFL after the trade deadline.

Overreaction: Bill’s adding Hines solves their run game woes

In the final minutes of the trade deadline the Buffalo Bills traded Zack Moss and a 2023 conditional fifth-round pick to the Indianapolis Colts for their explosive 3rd down back Nyhiem Hines. Hines has long been burred under the depth chart with Jonathan Taylor, and Marlon Mack taking the starting Roles. Hines get a fresh start in Buffalo to help add to the Bills already explosive offense.

The Bill’s have had a glaring issue for the past few seasons; How do they get the run game going without relying on Allen? Hines may not be a, 20 carry, NFL power back of old, but he does add another explosive element with his pass catching ability. Hines catches the ball an astonishing 89% of the time it is thrown to him. The Bills current starter and pass catching back Devin Singletary is only 76% on the year.

Not an Overreaction: The Lions undersold T.J. Hockenson

Hockenson has been a top 10 tight end in the NFL for the last few seasons. Coming from TE-U at the University of Iowa, Hockenson has been a game changer in the passing game for the Lions since day one. The Lions traded him to divisional opponent and the Superbowl hopeful Minnesota Vikings who added another major weapon to their high powered offense for essentially a pick swap.

Along with Hockenson, the Vikings receive the Lions 2023 second round draft pick and a 2024 third-round draft pick. While the Lions get the Vikings 2023 second round pick and a 2024 third-rounder. It is mind blowing that the Lion’s would give up Hockenson for a pick swap, but then again, it is the Lions.

Not an overreaction: The Jags are putting it all together for Lawrence

The Jaguars are rolling the dice on Trevor Lawrence making the leap to franchise quarterback with their last minute trade deadline move. The Jags traded a 2023 conditional fifth-round pick and a 2024 conditional second round pick to the Atlanta Falcons for suspended NFL wide receiver Calvin Ridley.

Ridley is currently serving a ridiculous year ban from the NFL for betting on games while he was away from football to focus on his mental health. Ridley had to forfeit his $11.1 million dollar salary and serve a year ban for betting less than $1,500 during his time away from the team.

Ridley is a proven weapon in the NFL, in 2020 he was voted second team all pro after posting a career high 1,374 yards and 90 receptions. The Jaguars have made moves both last season and this season to make the team as talented as possible for former number one pick Trevor Lawrence. The Jaguars have already shown massive improvement from a year ago and will need to find consistency in protecting their young QB if they want to give him the best chance to succeed.

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