NBA insider hints the New York Knicks could be interested in Zach LaVine

The New York Knicks could have their eyes on Bulls guard Zach LaVine if he’s available at the trade deadline

It’s still early for the Chicago Bulls to make a decision on where they want the franchise to go here in the 2022-23 season. But eventually, the Bulls will have to make that decision and a player like Zach LaVine could be someone on the trade block.

And an NBA insider has a surprise team that could be interested.

Earlier this week, Adrian Wojnarowski was on NBA Countdown to talk about rumors and mentioned the Knicks not landing Donovan Mitchell. He then brought up the idea that Zach LaVine could be a target of the Knicks at the deadline if he’s available.

Here’s the video:

Woj: “You go back to September 1 when Cleveland made that trade for Donovan Mitchell. This may haunt this Knicks regime until the end… The Knicks will be watching Chicago [possibly targeting Zach LaVine]… They need a star attraction.”

With LaVine signing a max contract extension this offseason, his contract is a tough one to move for the Bulls. Ideally, they’d want young talent and picks back in a deal to start a ‘rebuild’.

Now, this is all speculation and it goes back to the Bulls making a decision on the future. And it’s something to monitor over the next month or so.

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