My Dog Is Lost – Now What Do I Do?

My Dog Is Lost – Now What Do I Do?

It was a rainy Friday afternoon and due to a work commitment, I couldn’t take the dogs out for a walk earlier in the day. By the time I got home, they were raring to go out – even if only for a ride on a wet, cold day.

SYDNEY has been with me since she was a baby less than 18 inches in length. SYD is now 8 years old and weighs about 80 pounds.

SAGE is a dog I rescued from the West Suburban Humane Society, a wonderful organization that is celebrating 50 years of taking care of dogs, cats, puppies, and kitties looking for a FOREVER HOME.

As we exited my car in the parking lot of Patriot’s Park, both dogs jumped from their seats to take a walk, rain or no rain. SAGE’s leash literally snapped and I went after her but I still wanted to keep an eye on SYD who I was sure would just wait by the car till I caught up with SAGE. In the time it took for me to look back at SYD and turn, SAGE was gone. I last saw her heading east but still in the park and far from the pond that sits in the middle of the park.

But then, it was as if she vanished.

I lost my dog.

Now, what do I do?

First, I got SYD into the car and we took off in the car heading east. We covered numerous blocks when I realized I needed to reassess my approach to the mysterious disappearance of my SAGE. I pulled to the side, googled to double-check that the Saint of lost causes is St. Anthony – and said a prayer. I then called the local police, described the dog, and left a number. I then used my smartphone to put SAGE’s photo along with her missing status with a plea for help on nine Facebook pages in my village and

SYD and I then drove to my home, just on the chance that SAGE might return only to find she wasn’t there. We headed back to the park with the hope that SAGE might return to the parking lot. That’s when my phone beeped with a notification from that SAGE had been found by the Heininger family. Jackie who sent me a message noted that her son Patrick had the pup and provided me with his cell number.

It was pure RELIEF when Patrick informed me that he was at Fairmount and 55th rounding the corner with SAGE. I thought he was in a car. Instead, he was walking with SAGE on a leash accompanied by a young girl who looked like a sibling. Patrick told me that he had seen SAGE in the middle of 55th – scared and anxious due to the traffic. Patrick literally saved SAGE – brought her home and showed her off to the family convinced that since she was dressed in a brown coat, had tags, and on a leash, albeit one that was ripped – the cute Scottish Schnauzer was probably from a good home.

To the Heininger Family, I say, THANK YOU for your kindness in coming to SAGE’s aid, caring for her, and then getting her back to me. It was clear to me that SAGE had won the hearts of Jackie, Patrick, and the young lady who walked in the rain to deliver to me a sweet, sweet dog who literally follows me everywhere – but for some reason today decided to go on an adventure.

To St. Anthony, I also thank you – you never fail.

And to the good people of Downers Grove, thanks for your concern and your good wishes that a lost little lamb has been found.

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