Moving to a New Office? Remember These 8 Pointers

Moving to a New Office? Remember These 8 Pointers

As a small business owner, planning your move to a new office is essential. The last thing you want to do is assume you can do everything the day of. On the day of the move, everyone will be stressing about what they’re supposed to pack and making sure they don’t forget anything. Discovering what steps to take can help ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

What should you remember when moving to a new office? Here are eight tips your small business can use to plan your transition.

1. Talk With Your New Landlord About Moving Times

Your new building’s owner might have specific times when they would prefer you move in. Some might want you to only bring things in during or after business hours. Others could enforce rules about what kinds of appliances they allow in the space. Check with them about any restrictions they may have before you move.

2. Pick a Moving Manager 

Someone should be in charge of making sure everyone does what they’re supposed to. Whether it’s you or another employee, delegating someone as the moving manager can make packing efficient. Just make sure the person in charge knows everything that needs to come with you in the move. If an employee has experience in small business relocation, they will be a big help.

3. Measure Your New Space

The things you’re planning on bringing might be too big for your new office. To avoid packing things you’ll end up throwing out, take measurements before you plan what you’re going to take. It could make a big difference in your moving arrangements. If you go back and see that certain tables or appliances won’t fit where you originally had them, it could create some different layout ideas or give you an idea of what not to take.

4. Figure Out What Needs to Move

If you’ve been renting your current office space, it might have come with a few supplies. The landlord likely wants to keep these, so ensure you know what can go with you in the move. Organize things by what you want to take, items that should stay and ones you can throw out. Some places also take office-supply donations, so find one near you if you have a lot that can go to a new space.

5. Gather Moving Supplies

You’ll want to get everything you need to make the move together once you’ve created a plan of action. Take stock of the items you’re taking with you and judge how many boxes and packaging supplies you’ll need. Additionally, you’ll need to decide if there are few enough things that you can use a few cars or if renting a moving truck is in order. From there, check and see if you need cargo control tools to keep everything in place.

6. Find Safe Ways to Move Electronics

Businesses that rely on their technology should do their best to protect it during the transition. You should wrap computers and monitors in something that absorbs shock, like bubble wrap or a few layers of soft blankets. If you have an IT team, let them know when the move is going to be so they can start the process of disconnecting everything securely. They may also have some helpful ideas for how to pack everything effectively.

7. Let Employees Know What to Pack

The people working for you will likely be a part of your business’s move to a new office. When packing their desks, ensure they know what they’ll need to take and if anything should stay. Consider creating a list so they can follow the moving instructions accurately. You should give them a few hours during the day to pack up and do check-ins so you can make sure everything they need is going with them.

8. Update Your Address

In the hustle and bustle of moving, you might forget to change your business’s address online and on your business permit. Along with updating your customers and collaborators, there are some official changes you need to do as well. Make sure you know who you need to tell legally so you can keep everything in order — this will save you a lot of confusion and headaches.

Follow These Pointers When Moving to a New Office

As your small business is transitioning to a new office, you need to make a plan in order to keep the move efficient. You want to make sure everything gets there safe and sound as well. Using these ideas can help you get where you need to go efficiently.

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