Marcus Stroman is already talking about playing for a different teamVincent Pariseon April 1, 2022 at 12:00 pm

The Chicago Cubs are in a really weird situation. They are clearly not better than the Milwaukee Brewers or St. Louis Cardinals so they have no shot at winning the NL Central in 2022. They also had a very bad year in 2021 which is partially why they traded Javier Baez, Anthony Rizzo, and Kris Bryant away. That is why the signing of Marcus Stroman came off as weird.

However, as weird as it is, the Cubs added a great pitcher who has had a lot of success in Major League Baseball. He is also a verbal presence on social media which makes him a polarizing player off the field. There is nothing wrong with that at all as it is really good for the game.

Baseball is boring to a lot of people but it has the potential to be one of the most visually and socially attractive games. Guys like Marcus Stroman are a big key to this game reaching its true potential in terms of popularity in the United States.

However, as good as Stroman is at this stuff, there are some times when you just wish he would be quiet. In fact, it happened this week when he already started talking about playing for another Major League Baseball team.

Marcus Stroman is already talking about other Major League Baseball teams.

Stroman admitted that the San Francisco Giants were a great organization that he was impressed with. He also said that he would love to play for them at some point in his career. All of this comes before he has ever thrown a single regular-season pitch for the Chicago Cubs.

It is fair to wonder what this meant and take offense to it as a Cubs fan. Before he ever played for your team, he made comments about playing somewhere else. That was probably something, even if it is how he feels, that he should have kept to himself.

With that said, he isn’t going anywhere right now so the Cubs better enjoy him while they have him. It should be a solid rotation with him near the top of it right away. Nobody likes to hear him talk like that about another team right now but it happened. Hopefully, he gives whatever his current team is his all each and every day.

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