Man charged in fatal shooting East Garfield Park shootingMatthew Hendricksonon May 11, 2021 at 10:28 pm

An 18-year-old man was shot April 24, 2021 in Albany Park.
A 20-year-old man was charged with a fatal shooting May 8, 2021, in the 600 block of North Homan Avenue. | Adobe Stock Photo

Deangleo Watson shot a 36-year-old man at the home after he learned that his wife’s ex had stopped by the residence.

A 20-year-old security guard has been charged with shooting and killing a man after he allegedly flew into a fit of rage when he learned that his wife’s ex-boyfriend had stopped by at a home in East Garfield Park.

Deangleo Watson repeatedly called his wife Sunday when he learned she was at her friend’s house with her daughter, where her ex — the father of the daughter — had briefly stopped by, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney James Murphy said Tuesday.

Watson became increasingly angry during the calls and when his wife’s daughter answered a call, he warned her that he had a gun and was coming over, Murphy said.

Watson came to the house and knocked on the front door around 10 p.m. Robert Hogan, who Watson had know for years from the neighborhood, answered the door, Murphy said.

Watson’s ex was not at the home, in the 600 block of North Homan Avenue, at the time, prosecutors said.

Hogan — the boyfriend of the woman who lived at the home — tried to tell Watson to leave, but Watson pulled out a 9-mm handgun and allegedly fired a shot into the air. Watson then trained the gun on Hogan and fired repeatedly, striking him multiple times, Murphy said.

Emergency responders pronounced Hogan, 36, dead at the scene.

Deangelo Watson
Chicago police
Deangelo Watson

Watson was taken into custody when he went to his wife’s home the next morning, Murphy said. He allegedly told detectives that he had spent the night at a co-worker’s home, but the co-worker told investigators that wasn’t true and that Watson had never been to his home before.

Watson had called the co-worker that morning and said he had to talk to the co-worker about something, but that it needed to be done in person, Murphy said.

Watson’s wife’s daughter and Hogan’s girlfriend, who were standing behind Hogan when he answered the door, both identified Watson as the shooter, Murphy said.

Watson works as an unarmed guard at sporting events and was “trying to enlist in the Army,” an assistant public defender said.

Judge John F. Lyke Jr. ordered Watson held without bail.

He is expected back in court May 28.

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