Make-up and Filters

Make-up and Filters

I have read many articles about the impact of social media and the use of filters on people today. I cannot imagine being a young person in today’s world. When I was growing up, I remember what a difference it seemed to make on my appearance when I could use hair color and make up. I felt more confident and naturally, more attractive. I think about this as I am getting older, and often wish that I had not started coloring my hair and being dependent on make up to feel pretty so early. Luckily, I also believed that I was smart and kind, but the struggle with my appearance started young. I wore glasses from age 7 until 15 when I got contacts, and my hair was a bit curly and unruly until I started using curling irons and flat irons. I know that most people worry about what they look like, and I often think how lucky we are that we can use make-up and hair products to hide or change what we don’t like; however, now in my fifties, though, I wonder if we are really lucky. I will leave the house without make-up to get the mail or run to the store, but anytime I am meeting friends, I will do my hair and make-up. I also will post without filters on social media, but I do like the one that smoothes out my wrinkles and erases some blemishes. How do I let these insecurities go? I remember that my grandmother only wore lipstick, and I always wondered what she would look like with eyeliner. People tell me that I look like my father did, but he never wore make up to hide his flaws. Granted I am older now than he ever got to be, but when will I stop caring? 

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All through my day, no matter where I go, or what I do, I am always looking for the good in people, in the world, in my life or even just in my day.

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