Luke Getsy: Bears QB Justin Fields made ‘miraculous’ plays

Asked to evaluate Justin Fields’ record-setting performance Thursday, Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy pulled an adjective from the heavens.

“Obviously, he made some plays that were miraculous,” Getsy said. “I mean, they were pretty unbelievable.”

Chief among them Sunday was Fields’ 62-yard touchdown run, the longest any Bears quarterback has ever posted.

“Honestly? It was like, ‘Holy cow,’ but not with not that type of talk,” Getsy said, drawing laughter. “It was a pretty unbelievable play. As you review the film, it probably shoulda been a 15- or 20-yard completion to [receiver Darnell] Mooney. The way he slid up in the pocket, you wanna see him keep his shoulders a little bit more perpendicular to the line of scrimmage and rip the ball. He was headed there, he just got there a tick late because he squared his shoulders and then it turned into, like, an unbelievable play after that.

“Once he got to a certain point and I saw Mooney in a position to be able to cut the guy off, I was like, ‘There’s no way anyone’s catching that guy.’ So it was pretty cool.”

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