Local darkwave group Kill Scenes preview a new album at the Hideout

Last month, local darkwave band Kill Scenes dropped “Acid Black Window,” the first single from the upcoming full-length album Masque. The five-piece group, anchored by songwriters Meghan Lamb (vocals) and Sean Whittaker (guitar, electronics), lace their tracks with swirling six-string textures and driving synth melodies—Gossip Wolf doesn’t doubt for a second that “Acid Black Window” would’ve been a late-night dance-floor killer at Neo during the club’s peak goth years. Lamb describes Masque as a “Lynchian interrogation of identity, power, possession, transformation, and destruction.” The album doesn’t arrive until Friday, September 23, but Kill Scenes will preview material from it when they play the Hideout on Tuesday, August 30, with opener Adoptahighway and a DJ set from Lidia Vomito. 

“Acid Black Window” is the first single from the forthcoming Kill Scenes album.

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Since moving from Chicago to New York City in 2012, Elia Einhorn has become a multimedia mogul. Around these parts, he was best known as singer and cofounder of the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, but lately his undertakings have included curating and hosting the excellent Sonos Radio show Music Is Everything! (which runs every two weeks) and editing his 2021 zine Sober 21. He’s also just launched Listening, a new ten-episode podcast via Talkhouse and Mailchimp Presents that features heavyweights such as Jeff Tweedy, Björk, and Jlin; it explores how musicians hear and process their environments by inviting each guest to create a piece that captures a particular experience. Einhorn’s projects often reflect his years in Chicago: an episode of Music Is Everything! from earlier this month features a crackling collaboration between local footwork producer RP Boo and bassist-composer Joshua Abrams, which is available on the show’s Mixcloud page. On the show Abrams also mentions the next Natural Information Society album, which he says will feature ten musicians; it’s provisionally titled Since Time Is Gravity, and it’ll drop on Eremite Records later this year.

The episode of Music Is Everthing! with RP Boo and Joshua Abrams was posted August 10.

In 2018, Richard Wallace, aka rapper Epic of BBU, founded the nonprofit Equity and Transformation to advocate for Black Chicagoans who depend on the informal economy (often because they’re shut out of the conventional workforce), where their work isn’t regulated or protected by the state. Among EAT’s projects is the Big Payback campaign, which aims to convince the state of Illinois to pay out tax revenue from legalized cannabis sales to survivors of the war on drugs. On Friday, August 26, EAT and event promoter 1833 throw a Big Payback fundraising concert at Metro, and it’s got a hell of a lineup: Local legend Twista headlines (no word if he’ll have Tiny Twista with him), joined by fellow Chicago hip-hop royals Do or Die, Crucial Conflict, and Shawnna. Special guest performers include Fendi Frost, Bella Bahhs, Rich Jones, and Yagi DaGoat. Fred Hampton Jr. will also make an appearance. Tickets are $51, or $46 in advance; the show starts at 9 PM.

The expanded 2022 edition of Twista’s 1997 album Adrenaline Rush

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