Liam Hendriks insinuates former teammate is spreading rumors about Chicago White Sox

Liam Hendriks has his own opinion about the White Sox clubhouse

Liam Hendriks was ready to talk all things Chicago White Sox this week. And he’s not down on the team even if many fans and the media are. Hendricks has a different opinion about the state of the White Sox clubhouse than the report from USA Today’s Bob Nightengale suggested was the case.

The White Sox are struggling here at the midseason. As of Friday afternoon, the White Sox trail the Minnesota Twins by four games. The White Sox won the first of their four-game series with the Twins Thursday after Luis Robert hit a grand slam.

Hendricks was a guest on ESPN 1000’s Waddle and Silvy podcast. The White Sox are united as a group, he told the podcast.

“Yeah, I’d love to know what his source is, Hendriks said. “I want to know if it’s a former player who is currently not with us but still in the league from this year. So I’d be interested to see where that comes from.

But yeah, obviously if you talk to anyone in this clubhouse, they’re going to give you the same answer,” he said. “And it’s not exactly the same verbatim answer because we all have our own feelings on it. So it’s not a scripted thing that the front office has given us.

It’s something that we actually truly believe in this clubhouse is the fact that we’re united. We go to bat out there every single day for each other,” Hendriks said. “This is a clubhouse that has no flaws. It’s not a clubbouse where everyone is going in and kind of hating each other or anything like that. It’s your normal clubhouse. You’re going to have days where you’re testy and days where you’re great.”

Did Liam Hendriks out former White Sox player Dallas Keuchel?

It wasn’t long after Liam Hendriks made those comments that people started putting together the clues he was giving. Dallas Keuchel started the season with the White Sox before they designated him from the roster after having a horrid 7.88 ERA for the team in 2022.

Liam Hendriks was on @WaddleandSilvy this afternoon, and he insinuated that former #WhiteSox teammate Dallas Keuchel was the source of the Nightengale rumors about leadership in Sox clubhouse.
Would honestly make sense. And I certainly wouldn’t put it past him.

White Sox closer Liam Hendriks made it seem on @WaddleandSilvy like Dallas Keuchel is the one leaking these rumors about the clubhouse.
If true, he is a HORRID teammate.

That would make a lot of sense if the source came from a disgruntled former member of the White Sox. Although it would hurt Nightingale’s credibility because Keuchel, as a current Arizona Diamondback, wouldn’t be a solid source for the recent report.

Let’s just hope the White Sox can start winning and put this drama behind them. Liam Hendriks can currently help with that. His 2.43 ERA this season is beating his career average by over a run.

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