Lance Briggs had this to say about Bears staying in Chicago

Lance Briggs had this to say about the Bears leaving Soldier Field

By the day it is more clear the Chicago Bears will not stay at Soldier Field. Even as the city attempts to offer what it can to keep the Bears, the team doesn’t seem interested. One former Bears player thinks the relationship between the Bears and the city is beyond repair.

Last week, reports came out that Chicago was beefing up their proposal with a dome and other goodies. One of the city’s mock-ups also caused an uproar, as it showed a distasteful play by the Bears. The Bears released a statement a few days ago that the team was not pursuing other deals including renovations to Soldier Field while under contract with the seller of the property in Arlington Heights.

Former Bears linebacker Lance Briggs spoke on “Unfiltered with David Kaplan” recently. The All-Pro athlete answered whether he thought Chicago could persuade the Bears to stay. Here are Briggs quotes per staff at NBC Sports:

Too little, too late,” Briggs said. “There was plenty of time to get this stuff done and now that the wheels are falling off, it’s like, ‘Alright, we’re getting desperate now, it’s really happening. What can we do to keep you?’

“No, you’re supposed to do that beforehand. You’re supposed to take care of business. Take care of the team and make sure that they’re in their foundation for years to come. And that didn’t happen so too little, too late.”

Lance Briggs nailed the dismount

The city of Chicago has had decades to prepare for this to come. Soldier Field wasn’t really updated correctly the last time it was renovated. Most citizens I’ve talked to think the stadium teeters on embarrassment. The stadium looks more like a giant spaceship, a sort of prop for the next Star Trek franchise than an NFL one.

Where has the city’s leadership been in the meantime? It appears as if most of these proposals are coming ad hoc after the Bears were spotted doing a walkthrough with the moving crew. And it sounds, if Lance Briggs is correct in saying it, that city hasn’t taken care of the Bears for a while. The ramifications of taking the Bears for granted are going to sting for years to come.

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