Kitchfix celebrates its tenth anniversary

Fall is a time of coming together and enjoying a bounty of good food, and this month Kitchfix’s tenth anniversary gives us a new reason to celebrate the season. Launched in Chicago in 2012, the company has spent the past decade servicing the city and its surrounding suburbs with delicious meals mindfully created and approved by an in-house nutritionist to fit a variety of eating regimens and lifestyles. 

The company was inspired by founder and head chef Josh Katt’s experience as a personal chef for a client who was recovering from cancer. As he researched and developed anti-inflammatory recipes using powerhouse ingredients such as clean-sourced meat, organic produce, and flavorful herbs and spices, he became aware that the demands of modern living had created a greater need for fresh, nutrient-dense, convenient meals. “I realized that anyone with any level of stress in their lives can benefit from this type of diet, and enjoy it,” he says. “As more busy Chicagoans were asking for my style of prepared meals and snacks, Kitchfix was born.”

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Today, the family-run business aims to support all its customers in their pursuit of healthier bodies and minds, whether they’re busy executives, families juggling work and after-school activities, athletes training for an event, or anyone else. “When I started Kitchfix back in 2012, I was looking to fill a noticeable void in the food delivery space,” Katt says. “Ten years later and I can proudly say that our mission has remained the same.”

Kitchfix’s menu consists of keto, paleo, vegetarian, and vegan dishes made with high-quality whole foods; they also prioritize regionally grown and organic ingredients whenever possible—giving Chicagoans a rare opportunity to support local farmers and enjoy the benefits of the freshest ingredients with the convenience of a meal-delivery service. Each Kitchfix recipe is non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free, and refined sugar-free, so even those living with food allergies and sensitivities can enjoy options such as chicken piccata, teriyaki salmon, and Thai red curry soup without sacrificing flavor. “At Kitchfix we believe the type of food we choose to fuel our body matters. That’s why we place an emphasis on fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that our customers can trust,” Katt says. “Best of all . . . it’s freaking delicious.”

Kitchfix is designed to be as easy and convenient to use as possible. Customers can choose between a variety of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options to create their own bundles of five, seven, or ten ready-to-eat meals, which are then delivered to their doors on the dates of their choice. Just follow the instructions to reheat (if necessary), and dig in. 

“Kitchfix makes it easy to eat a healthy and delicious meal after a long day at the office with practically zero prep time (unless I need to preheat the oven) and prevents me from ordering pizza . . . again,” says Kelly, who has been a Kitchfix customer since 2016. “I love Kitchfix’s perfectly-sized portions, that they’re easy to reheat, and there’s a variety of meal options so I am not always eating the same thing.”

Courtesy of KitchfixCourtesy of Kitchfix

With the launch of Performance Food Services in spring 2014, Kitchfix officially expanded into contract and event catering—and the Chicago Cubs were the first client. Kitchfix’s healthy meals fueled the Chicago baseball team through their legendary 2016 season when they won the World Series for the first time in more than a century. More recently, the company has begun delivering meals to Chicago White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech and his family, in which the pitcher stars as a delivery person who uses his quick arm to deliver Kitchfix Meals at lightning speeds in a commercial on Hulu that launches this month. 

Kitchfix celebrates its tenth anniversary this fall with some exciting new changes, starting with a revamped website and a streamlined model that trades in-person pickups for a focus on boxed deliveries. They’ve added a new single-sized entree option along with their medium and large meals, which are delivered in sealed containers that keep them fresher longer. And speaking of containers, they’ve upgraded their packaging to biodegradable plastic-lined pulp containers, which can be safely placed in their oven or microwave, saving customers more time than ever. 

“We are beyond thrilled to launch our new website and our updated Kitchfix model,” Katt says. “Gone are the days of needing to be home when our drivers deliver their meals. With our new model, feel free to run errands, pick up the kids from school, or go to the spa without worrying about being home for delivery.”

As Kitchfix heads into its second decade, they are more dedicated to their mission than ever, and as they continue to serve Chicago’s communities, they’ve got their eye on bringing their delicious, nutrient-packed meals to even more folks in the years to come. As Katt says, “We are proud to say that Kitchfix is one of the longest-lasting meal delivery services in Chicago. I cannot wait to see how Kitchfix grows in the next ten years.”

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