Khalil Mack trade "bothered” Chicago Bears player

Khalil Mack being traded to the Los Angeles Chargers was disappointing to many Chicago Bears fans. The sack monster was also a beloved teammate.

Bears linebacker Trevis Gipson told the media Tuesday how he felt when learning the news Mack had been traded.

Bears OLB Trevis Gipson (who will be a D-end in Eberflus’ defense – more on that momentarily) said that the news of Khalil Mack being traded “sort of bothered me a little bit” because of how much info he gleaned from Mack the last 2 seasons/taught him to “carry myself as a vet.”

Gipson also told reporters that Mack was an asset to the team by providing valuable information to them.

“Yeah I learned a lot from Khalil man,” Gipson said. “He paved the way for a lot of things and showed me what’s right, wrong. How to do certain techniques. How to carry myself as a vet in this league. And I was very appreciative of his presence.”

The Bears will gain a 2022 and round draft pick and a 2023 6th round pick from the Chargers in exchange for Mack’s services. Mack’s best year for the Bears was 2018, when he recorded 12.5 sacks. His production had declined since, and he only started 7 games in 2021.

Having the extra depth will be nice, but the Bears will miss all that Mack can provide a team, including leadership, as Gipson said. Having a veteran of his pedigree to show young players how to improve and be a better person off the field is hard to replace.

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