Kenya Franklin

A political strategist and mother of three, Franklin has lived in the third district her entire life. She says she wants to improve transparency between CPD and residents. She supports a two-strike rule for officers who garner racial and violent complaints, and wants to end qualified immunity, the legal principle that protects police officers from being personally sued for civil rights violations.

Candidate questionnaire responses

Do you have experience as an activist or community organizer? No
Do you have experience interacting with CPD? No
Do you have experience working or interacting with government? No
Should the city hire more police officers? No
Is CPD adequately funded? Yes: funding should be reduced.
CPD reform: The police need significant reform.
Mental health crises: Police should accompany healthcare workers to mental health crises.

What do you consider the primary role of a police district councilor to be?

Helping the police do a better job
Communicating with the department on behalf of the community

Why are you running for Police District Council?

I would like to see civilians’ expectation of law enforcement to meet the actual job description in the middle. I think there is a disconnect between what the public expects and what is actually provided. Transparency is paramount to trust in the community. 

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