Kenny Williams addresses White Sox poor performance

Kenny Williams has something to say about the White Sox’s disappointing performance

To say the very least, this has been an extremely disappointing season for the White Sox. At the beginning of the season, the White Sox were poised to be in the conversation for the American League champion. But at the season’s halfway mark, they are not even over .500 and sit third place in the AL Central Divison. Nobody was expecting the White Sox to be here, and their performance has raised a lot of questions. In his weekly column with USA Today, Bob Nightengale had a lot to say about the state of the White Sox:

“There have been a lot of whispers of unrest, cliques, and the lack of player leadership inside the clubhouse tearing apart this talented team. Everybody is asking themselves, ‘What’s wrong with the White Sox?’ The most disappointing, underachieving team in baseball. The answer I get just inside the clubhouse, I mean, guys are complaining about Tony La Russa, guys complain about the front office and things like that. But when it comes down to it, everybody is saying there’s really no leadership in that clubhouse.”

“It seems like a relaxed atmosphere, like, ‘It’s early, it’s early.’ And there’s nobody to really jump on guys and say, ‘What are you guys doing here? You’re embarrassing yourselves by wasting this kind of talent in a very mediocre division.’ So, players and teams have been talking about this a lot the last few weeks. They’re all saying the same thing. It’s inside that clubhouse.”

With so much conversation around the White Sox and leadership, it was only a matter of time before Kenny Williams, Vice President of the White Sox, made some kind of comment. And because Nightengale’s column on USA Today got so much heat, it was only natural to direct his remarks on the Sox’s performance towards him. Nightingale shared that Kenny Williams said, “no one was absolved for the team’s woes.”

Chicago #WhiteSox president Ken Williams addressed the players and staff on Friday about their underachieving performance this season, reminding them of their talent, but that it was time to focus and pull together. No one was absolved, from staff to players, for the team’s woes.

But that’s all we got. When Kenny Williams was pressed for further information on what went exactly went down in the conversation, the conversation all of the sudden became private. One can only hope that the talk has an impact on the White Sox’s performance. It cannot be clearer that morale is down, with the team barely acknowledging Tim Anderson being selected as an All-Star starter, the snub to Dylan Cease, and their extreme underperformance. Hopefully, Kenny Williams has said the magic words.

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