Keeping Your Customers Engaged: 4 Fun Promotion Ideas

Keeping Your Customers Engaged: 4 Fun Promotion Ideas

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep your customers hooked. Just because you’re a brand, people tend to see you as more ingenuine than influencers and personal accounts. Don’t give up on your social media channels, though. All you need to do is prove to your audience how much you can offer them, and they’ll start to trust you and engage with you more.

Why You Should Care About Your Customers’ Opinion

Some companies are content with having low interaction on their social media posts and email newsletters. Your customers’ opinions of you can actually determine whether other people choose to look you up. Word of mouth is by far one of the most powerful determinants when it comes to referring new customers to your brand. Someone having an unfavorable opinion of your brand could be bad for your business.

That’s why you have to create something fun and engaging for your fans. You want them to take an interest in what your company is doing next. Sometimes, you may consider hosting promotions to help potential customers finally close and entice returning customers to come back to you. Regardless, social media is essential for any small business or entrepreneur. It’s the best way to grow your company.

You can always do research on which promotions you think your audience would like by looking at what other companies are doing and seeing how they inspire you. You can take inspiration from things you see in your personal life, too. Promotions are all around you — it’s up to you to determine what works best for your brand.

4 Fun, Engaging Promotions

If you want customers to continue coming to you, you have to create promotions that will entice them to buy or visit your store. Promotions can be as simple or as complex as you like. Sometimes, you may choose to alternate between a promotion with a lot of planning and one that only takes a day or a one-off email. Once you try enough promotions, you’ll understand what your audience prefers more.

1. Offer Discounts

Discounts always get people excited and talking about your stuff. To entice people to subscribe to your email newsletter, you could offer a special sign-up discount and send it to them as soon as they offer their email. You may also choose to regularly put discount codes on your social media so your followers can take advantage of limited-time deals. It’s an easy way to reward the people who want to keep up with you.

2. Hashtag Contest

Hashtags are one of the most famous parts of social media. People will use certain hashtags that pertain to them to find like-minded people and connect with others of a particular lifestyle or interest. Organic hashtag growth is as simple as finding which high-traffic, low-volume hashtags your ideal is looking for and promoting your business using that hashtag when you make posts.

You can connect with your customers by having them create posts using a hashtag your business has made up on its own. Once a certain period ends, you can have your followers vote on which photos are the best or simply choose the one with the most likes. You can encourage people to share pictures of themselves or drawings using and enjoying your product. People love to get involved, so allow them to make themselves known.

3. Bracket Contest

Millions of people participate in the March Madness bracket tournament every year. That statistic alone proves that people love a bracket contest. In that case, you should try to create some sort of a bracket that can allow people to predict how a certain competition will go.

For example, if you run an ice cream company, you may want to host a tournament bracket for your followers’ favorite ice cream flavor. You might have people vote every day for their favorites in the first matchups, but you could also have people submit brackets online or tie it to their accounts. Then, at the end of the tournament, the people with an accurate bracket can have a discount or free item at your store.

4. Instagram Story Engagement

Instagram is a great social media platform where you can showcase images of your business and products. Many people use Instagram every single day, and its Stories feature has plenty of exciting tools that can help you engage your audience. Over 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day, making it a valuable feature for you.

Since stories disappear after 24 hours, you’ll have to act fast to get your data. The app features polls, quizzes, suggestions, questions and more. Come up with a few topics, and you’ll learn all you need to know about your audience in a few days.

Host Promotion After Promotion

When you want to get your social media or email engagement up, you have to host contests or offer discounts. Promotions can happen both online and in-store — it all depends on what you want to provide your customers.

After some time passes, you’ll see what works best for your audience and can tailor future promotions toward them. With some luck, these deals will bring new customers through your doors and keep returning customers loyal.

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