Justin Fields showed incredible maturity with his commentsVincent Pariseon September 23, 2022 at 5:58 pm

The Chicago Bears are hoping that Justin Fields becomes the franchise quarterback that they’ve always been lacking. Pretty much everyone that tried to take on that role ahead of him has failed. Now, he has a unique opportunity to go out and do it.

Earlier in the week, he went out there and was terrible against the Green Bay Packers. Following the game, he was on the podium and had some questionable things to say about himself compared to the fanbase.

Fields said that the fans don’t work nearly as hard for the wins as the players do. He also mentioned that the players care about the losses even more than the fans.

To be honest, nothing about what he said is wrong. However, it was a terrible thing t say after getting beat by the Green Bay Packers again. This fanbase does care a lot and although the players put their lives on the line to play, the fans pay the bills.

Justin Fields is a good kid that is going to do great things for the Chicago Bears.

Fields came out and did a press conference a few days later and cleared his comments up. It took incredible courage and maturity to go out there and do that. It will be good for getting him back in the good graces of all fans.

Justin Fields is #DaBears QB1 and we love him.

On to Houston ??


— DaWindyCityFS (@DaWindyCityFS) September 21, 2022

Again, Fields was right in what he said. It just wasn’t the time or place to say that. With that said, it also doesn’t make fans feel good when they spend lots of time and money on their favorite team. This is especially true for a team that just keeps being terrible and getting destroyed by their rivals.

Now that this is in the past, we are on to Houston. Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears will host the Houston Texans in what promises to be a fun battle between two teams that are trying to rebuild things back up. Either team could win this one.

There aren’t going to be a lot of wins this season but there could be a lot of development. It starts and ends with Justin Fields which makes it exciting. Most losses won’t make people as mad as the Green Bay loss so it is just time to move on. Fan, player, or coach, we are all in this together.

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