Justin Fields says Chicago Bears not ready for season to start

Justin Fields says Chicago Bears will be ready when the “time comes”

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields likes to be prepared, something he told the media Tuesday that he feels like the team is not currently. The second-year Bears quarterback is learning a new offense being installed by offensive coordinator Luke Getsy. Fields was asked by a reporter following Tuesday’s mandatory minicamp practice if he was ready to play a game at this point to see how he’s progressed with his mechanics.

“Uh no.,” Fields said while sporting a post-practice outfit of a baseball cap and t-shirt. The short quip evoked laughter from the room. “I’m not ready for the season to start. I’m the type of guy that would like to know I’m prepared. So right now, I’m just being honest. We’re not ready to play a game right now so. And when that time comes, we will be ready. So right now, no. Not ready to play a game,” Fields said shaking his head.

Reports from Bears’ practices about the offense have not been promising. Fields, offensive line play, and poor wide receiver play have been noticed by media attending practices. Fields isn’t dismayed about where the offense will be in the future though.

“With the concepts we have, with the, you know, players we have. I mean I think everyone is catching on pretty quick,” Fields said. “And like I said, they’re throwing a lot at us right now so as long as we can manage to do everything right or do most of everything right and not make the same mistake again I think we’ll be just fine when that time comes around.”

Justin Fields and the Bears are learning a lot this offseason

Cole Kmet said a few weeks ago Getsy has been throwing a lot of information at the team. The Bears still have a month and change before training camp starts to become more familiar with the system. Once players understand the system, Bears fans will see if the offense can be more fruitful than what we’ve heard this offseason.

The Bears currently lack significant talent on the offensive roster. The Bears’ offensive line ranks 31st and the wide receiver corps ranks 32nd, according to Pro Football Focus. If the offense is truly ready to play in September, the Bears should consider adding better talent to the roster.

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