Justin Fields of the Bears displays growth by “remaining calm”

Justin Fields is making progress as the 2022 season rolls on

People frequently discuss the pro level’s speed. Many young athletes struggle with the idea that they must speed up their playing style to make up for it. They frequently make mistakes as a result of this. Both the previous season and the first month of this one, Fields often experienced this issue. He then understood that his role as a musician was to follow his beat. Play as quickly as feels natural. His talent and perseverance should care for the rest if he achieves that.

The outcomes are difficult to dispute. One may argue that his performance versus Minnesota was his best as a professional overall. The efficiency, rather than the numbers, was what stood out. He made each play matter. There is no shame in being enthusiastic if this is the Justin Fields that supporters can anticipate for the remainder of the season. Justin Fields did not contest his talent. His biggest challenge was finding a way to navigate the pace and complexity of NFL defenses without becoming overwhelmed. It seems like Fields has.

According to Courtney Cronin “Getsy pointed out that he saw Fields improving every week, and on Sunday, the stats supported his perspective. Fields set personal highs with a 71.4% completion percentage and 118.8 passer rating”.

Justin Fields might not be into numbers, but they show something this week: growth and improvement.
And it happened in a tough environment.
I have a chart for you in our weekly Bears Rewind:

At least in comparison to other Chicago Bears quarterbacks, Justin Fields has displayed some excellent football over the previous two weeks. Through the first three games, he had a terrible passer rating of 50.0 due to his numerous struggles. He increased that to 97.2 in the games against the Giants and Vikings. In the pocket, he appeared much more collected and composed. He’s making wiser choices and appears less hurried frequently. This is not a mishap. Justin Fields has spent a lot of time trying to correct it.

Growing familiarity with the new offense is a contributing factor in the new success. Protections, readings, and routes are much easier for him to understand now than they were earlier. It explains why his head no longer appears to be swimming. The quarterback claims there is another explanation, though. On Tuesday, Fields gave a media interview. There, he disclosed that he had started a new ritual for playing games. He was instructed in deep breathing techniques by the team’s yoga instructor. He believes it has negatively affected his stamina and his capacity for composure.

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