Josh Donaldson vs White Sox is becoming an all time Chicago rivalryVincent Pariseon May 21, 2022 at 9:29 pm

The Chicago White Sox lost the game to the New York Yankees on Saturday but they might have sparked themselves. Tim Anderson has been a lightning rod for this team for a long time now and he might have done it again.

Of course, everyone remembers how weird Josh Donaldson acted in 2021 as a member of the Minnesota Twins. He had some strange comments about Lucas Giolito and sticky stuff which probably didn’t go over very well with most of his pitchers either as everyone was using it.

He also had some things to say with former White Sox World Series-winning manager Ozzie Guillen that created headlines. White Sox players made comments back but it was so clear that Donaldson thinks about the White Sox a lot.

Over the offseason, the Minnesota Twins were so tired of overpaying him for mediocre production that they traded him to the New York Yankees. His beef with the White Sox carried over into the 2022 season for some reason.

Josh Donaldson of the Yankees is becoming an all-time Chicago White Sox rival.

Last weekend, a bang-bang play at third base caused some tension between the two but nothing truly came from outside of some words. That bled into this series that began on Saturday because of a Friday rainout.

There were some more words exchanged in between innings but once again, nothing really came of it. That was until Yasmani Grandal started to exchange some words with Donaldson before his next at-bat. It was a clear example of a catcher sticking up for his teammate.

Benches cleared in the Bronx!!!

— White Sox Talk (@NBCSWhiteSox) May 21, 2022

The benches cleared from this exchange but there was no violence. Nobody was ejected as a result but there were some heated men out there. Things might have been different had it not been for Gavin Sheets and Jose Abreu forcing Tim Anderson away from Donaldson and into the dugout.

It is clear that Donaldson is becoming an all-time Chicago rival. The first one that comes to mind has to be Aaron Rodgers. He has the chirps to the fans and backs it up with his elite play. There are a few active NBA players and Chicago Cubs rivals in the mix as well but Donaldson is right there.

This probably isn’t settled yet as the two have two more games against one another on Sunday as part of a doubleheader to make up for Friday’s rain. It is going to be interesting to watch as this guy clearly despises the Chicago White Sox.

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