Jim McMahon makes hostile comment about Bears organization

Jim McMahon takes a swipe at the Bears

Chicago Bears Super Bowl-winning quarterback Jim McMahon isn’t shy about his opinions. The Bears quarterback made headlines this summer when he said he owned the Packers when he played. That comment was one that the “Punky QB” could back up with statistics.

He’s also opened up about his crazy shenanigans on the golf course. If McMahon is doing an interview, something coming out of it will be worth the listen.

Recently, McMahon was on 95.7 The Game’s “The Morning Roast” to talk Bears football. McMahon made shocking comments about the organization when asked if he was surprised the Bears hadn’t won a Super Bowl since he left.

“Not really, because they’re pretty cheap,” McMahon said in the interview. “They’ve always been cheap. Mike Ditka left Chicago when he was a player. He had to deal with George Halas. He left because they wouldn’t pay him.”

McMahon described the irony that Ditka would complain as a head coach to McMahon that Bears players would leave because of money. He claimed to remind Ditka that he left for the same reason.

The Chicago Bears used to be cheap

There’s a famous saying that Halas threw nickels around like manhole covers. That may have been true in the pre-salary cap era. But the Bears have spent competitive money in the salary cap era with no Super Bowl. The Bears’ issues have been more with the management and players not being on the same page.

Jim McMahon started the interview complaining about other ways the Bears have been cheap. He criticized the training facility the organization had when he played there. McMahon said it was worse than BYU’s.

Jim McMahon isn’t the first former Bears player to criticize the brass this year. Brandon Marshall claimed the Bears are run like a mom-and-pop shop.



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