It’s not fair to compare David Montgomery to this NFL superstarVincent Pariseon May 18, 2022 at 4:00 pm

One of the few good decisions that Ryan Pace ever made in the NFL Draft came in the 2019 NFL Draft when he traded up to select David Montgomery out of Iowa State University. Since that point, the Chicago Bears have fired Pace but they still believe in Montgomery who is becoming a very good NFL running back.

In his rookie season, he wasn’t even the main running back and he still managed to have over 800 yards rushing. He broke 1000 in 2020 which was his first full season and that is impressive. In 2021, he was the full-time starter but missed four games which is why he had 849 yards total.

If he played in all 17 games (or even in at least one more game), he would have broken the 1000-yard plateau for a second straight season. That was also on a Bears team coached by Matt Nagy that didn’t utilize the run game nearly enough.

We can only hope that the new regime uses him right. With Justin Fields getting ready to take over all on his own with no Andy Dalton or Nick Foles breathing down his neck, it will be very important to have a solid running back and Montgomery is that.

#Bears running backs coach David Walker compared David Montgomery loosely to Jonathan Taylor when asked what was possible as a next level for Montgomery going into his 4th year in the league.

— Mark Carman (@thecarm) May 17, 2022

The Chicago Bears need David Montgomery to continue growing his game.

On Tuesday, running back coach David Walker made a somewhat bold claim that doesn’t seem fair to Montgomery. He loosely compared him to Jonathan Taylor who is now a true superstar back in the NFL. He led the NFL with 1811 yards in 2021.

The comparison was in reference to what level Montgomery can get to in year four of his NFL career. The difference is that Taylor got to that level in year two because he is probably just better. That doesn’t mean that Montgomery is bad by any means or can’t become a star. He just probably won’t ever lead the league in rushing.

Matt Eeberflus is someone that is more known for being a defensive-minded coach. However, in losing Matt Nagy, people expect the offense to take a step forward because it was so bad last year and the years prior to that.

Getting David Montgomery going is a big part of it but it doesn’t seem fair to be compared to the best in the league right now.

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