It has been mostly frustrating to watch the Chicago White SoxTodd Welteron May 20, 2022 at 1:00 pm

The Chicago White Sox are not meeting expectations right now. They have gotten off to a slow start that has shaken the fan base’s confidence that this team can win the World Series. The frustrating offseason has translated into a frustrating product to watch on the field.

The Chicago White Sox are sputtering offensively. They are 27th in the league in runs. They also have a -27 run differential.

They have managed to score just 18 runs in a five-game series against the Kansas City Royals. The Royals pitching staff is currently fifth in the Majors in runs allowed. The Sox were primed to have a big offensive series and struggled mightily to score runs.

The Sox are currently 7-12 against their AL Central Division foes. Not exactly a record that screams automatically repeating as division champs. It is just tough to watch right now. There is still plenty of time for a turnaround. After all, there are still 124 games left to play.

It is just rough to watch a team not look like anything remotely close to being one of the elite teams in the American League. The White Sox are struggling to hit and catch the ball which has led to pressing.

Right now, the Chicago White Sox aren’t as much fun to watch as they should be.

The White Sox are 21st in the on-base percentage and dead last in walks. They are struggling to get runners on base and then get them home. The Sox currently have an 83 wRC+ which is 13% below the league average.

The Sox are 27th in fielding percentage and have committed the fourth-most errors in the MLB. Those numbers are just not good enough to win another division championship let alone a World Series.

General manager Rick Hahn’s moves to upgrade second base, right field, and backup catcher are not working out. Josh Harrison, A.J. Pollock, and Reese McGuire are all struggling at the plate. It looks like Hahn will have to upgrade those positions before the trade deadline if the Sox hope to contend for a playoff spot.

Jose Abreu has been struggling at the plate as well. He is starting to hit the ball harder but his production is still sorely lacking. Tim Anderson has been great with the bat but his glove has been awful. Anderson also got into a beef with White Sox legend Ozzie Guillen.

Times were not supposed to be tough this season. This was supposed to be the season the Chicago White Sox won its first World Series since 2005. Right now, that looks like a long shot.

It does not help that manager Tony La Russa continues to manage like he is stuck in 2005 when he decided to bat Andrew Vaughn ninth during two of the games in the Royals’ series.

He managed a game like he was back in St. Louis when he would bat the pitcher eighth and a positional player ninth to get an extra leadoff hitter.

His lineup decisions are head-scratchers and his bullpen management is questionable. This type of start might get some managers fired but La Russa is firmly entrenched because the owner does not want to fire him again.

Remember folks, Jerry Reinsdorf’s main reason for bringing back La Russa to the Southside was because he regretted firing Tony back in 1986. There is still time to rebound.

Eloy Jimenez and Lance Lynn will be back soon. Luis Robert is starting to heat up at the plate. The Sox also still have a solid pitching rotation and bullpen.

They put up seven runs in the series finale against Kansas City. Now, the White Sox travel to New York to face the Yankees. Things may continue to get more frustrating short term before they get better long term.

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