Is this why Carlos Correa didn’t sign with the Chicago Cubs?

The Chicago Cubs were rumored to be in on prized free agent shortstop Carlos Correa for a long time and when the lockout ended, some even expected him to end up in the Windy City.

But it didn’t happen. Instead, Correa signed a three-year deal worth $105,300,000 with the Minnesota Twins to join the AL Central. The Cubs struck out and couldn’t add the free agent shortstop and now we may know the reason why.

MLB Network’s Stephen Nelson of Intentional Talk was on 670 The Score on Wednesday with host Laurence Holmes and he talked about the Correa situation. Nelson revealed that the Cubs offered Correa a 7-year deal worth more than $30M/year. The problem?

It never got to Correa….

For better context than I could give while chasing a crawling 8-month-old: I was told the Cubs offered Correa a 7-year deal worth more than $30M/year. But in the complicated nature of Correa’s agent switch, that deal was never even presented to him.


If that’s true, then that is a tough thing to hear if you’re a Cubs fan especially with the prospects of Correa joining that lineup and making an immediate impact.

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