Ian Happ reached a very nice milestone on Sunday afternoonVincent Pariseon August 22, 2022 at 11:00 am

The Chicago Cubs may not have swept the Milwaukee Brewers but they did have a lovely series against them. They aren’t going anywhere in the 2022 MLB season but they can impede their rivals and their chances of making it to the postseason.

Although they could not complete the sweep on Sunday, it was still a game that saw a significant milestone be reached by one of the key players on the squad. Ian Happ hit his 100th career home run early on in the ballgame.

Happ gave the Cubs a 1-0 lead with this solo shot but it wouldn’t stand to send them into a win. It was his 13th of the season which has been remarkable for him. He has been so good that he was a National League All-Star back in July.

This is a breakout year for him in all categories but he has always shown flashes of good power which is why he now has 100 big ones in the league. He should be very proud of this moment as few people get to hit one big league home run, let alone 100.

Happ-y 100th! pic.twitter.com/WCtOrrdLFw

— Chicago Cubs (@Cubs) August 21, 2022

Congratulations to @ihapp_1 on career home run No. 100! pic.twitter.com/pm0op82KHz

— Chicago Cubs (@Cubs) August 21, 2022

Ian Happ hit the 100th career home run and they’re all with the Chicago Cubs.

It seemed fairly obvious that the Chicago Cubs were going to trade Ian Happ before the deadline but they never did. He would have certainly made a contending team even better but he will remain a Cub for at least the rest of this season.

The Cubs have no obligation to keep him and they have no obligation to trade him. They will make whatever move they think is needed in order to give the team a better chance to win a lot in the future. As of right now, Happ is clearly a winning player.

He wasn’t the only one to homer for the Cubs in this loss to Milwaukee. Seiya Suzuki hit his 10th of the season. He only needs 90 more in order to catch Happ on the all-time Chicago Cubs list. Both of these guys could be on the next good Cubs team.

Happ and the Cubs have a big series this week. They will be trying to use their hot streak to play spoiler for another contending team in their division. They would love nothing more than to make life hard on the St. Louis Cardinals as they are headed to Wrigley for a big series.

If Happ and the squad play well here, they will stump the Cardinals who come into this series as the hottest team in the league (seven straight wins). They are trying to win a division and the Cubs are trying to spoil it. More big moments from Happ could go a long way towards that.

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