How to Hang Art Like A Proon April 5, 2021 at 2:15 pm

The study
Photography: Michael Alan Kaskel

The Study

“Different sizes and shapes are important because you need density and negative space. You also need texture and color. We do a lot of sourcing through antique and vintage stores for great art that isn’t expensive. And then pepper in personal photos. I often say to clients: ‘Pull all the photos that are weird, the ones that are not good pictures in your opinion — the one where you’re looking off into the distance or your husband isn’t looking at the camera. Those are worthy of being hung on a wall rather than on a shelf in your office.’ ”

The lounge

The Lounge

“We were trying to create the vibe of an English pub. So I love this offset grid, where the artworks don’t quite line up. That’s what English pubs would do — hang things willy-nilly, without thinking about it. If you don’t like it, you move a piece and try it again. It’s trial and error. But that’s what makes it fun.”

The dining room

The Dining Room

“What you don’t want is for it to look like a dentist’s office. Everything can’t be the same. Here, one of the pieces is very minimal; another is more dense. By putting them next to each other, it makes both more interesting. I prefer a mix of frames: black and brass and silver leaf. I love old frames that are a little beat up, that look collected or inherited. If the piece is modern, have it framed in a traditional frame, because it’ll look like out of a museum.”

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