Halloween is over, but we still have Bandcamp Friday

If you perk up when you hear the phrase “Bandcamp Friday,” then you probably already know that its 25th iteration arrives November 4. For 24 hours, the digital retailer passes along its usual share of sales revenue to the independent artists and labels whose work has made the platform such a success. (Epic Games purchased Bandcamp earlier this year, so these days your PayPal receipt will tell you that you’ve paid “Bandcamp, an Epic Company.”) 

As usual, I rounded up recent Reader stories that mention music you can buy via Bandcamp. This is the shortest list in many months—not because we’ve covered less music, but because not every artist we write about sells through Bandcamp. And of course we also run stories about people who don’t make music but contribute to it in other ways—which reminds me, you should make sure to read Micco Caporale’s deep dive on Avondale hot spot Podlasie Club. In any case, if you want more Reader recommendations, you can follow the trail of lists I linked to in last month’s Bandcamp Friday roundup. Happy listening!

Algernon Cadwallader, Some Kind of Cadwallader, Parrot Flies

Angelenah, I Don’t Regret a Thing

Clara de Asís & Ryoko Akama, Sisbiosis 

Bones, Vomit

Bossa IV, Greatest Chicago Hits

Cloud Rat, Threshold

Divino Niño, Last Spa on Earth

Gore Gore Girls, Strange Girls

James Marlon Magas, Confusion Is My Name

John McCowen, Models of Duration

Mightmare, Cruel Liars

Mohawk Johnson, “Outside”

Nnamdï, Please Have a Seat

Open Mike Eagle, A Tape Called Component System With the Auto Reverse

Panic Priest, Psychogoria

Pete Cautious, Garden of the Gods

Pleasant Mob, “Irene” b/w “Trees & Flowers”

Jordan Reyes, Everything Is Always

Sabaton, Weapons of the Modern Age

Patrick Shiroishi, I Shouldn’t Have to Worry When My Parents Go Outside, Hidemi

Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin, Suspiria soundtrack

Various artists, Sounds to Make You Shudder!

Yesterdayneverhappened, The Demon at Dusk

Ariel Zetina, Cyclorama


Bandcamp Friday meets the World Music Festival

This month’s roundup of Reader-recommended releases is a reminder that artists are using Bandcamp on six continents.

The second-biggest news about Bandcamp this week

Bandcamp has announced it’s “joining” Epic Games, provoking a torrent of speculation about the site’s future, but the next Bandcamp Friday is still coming right up.

Will lightning strike Podlasie Club twice?

Last year a new dance party turned this sleepy Polish bar into a hot spot—and prompted a gut rehab of the space. Now that Podlasie is open again, will it recapture that magic?

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at the Museum of Contemporary Art

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