Gamblers don’t have much faith in the Bears

The NFL season hasn’t started yet, but football wagering is already underway.

Caesars Sportsbook offered up a few insights they’ve seen in early action.

The Bears have been in the betting mix — sort of. They (150/1) and the Texans (300/1) are the only team that have not received a wager of at least $1,000 to win the Super Bowl. Actually, the Bears lead the $1,000 bet category to finish with the league’s worst record.

So far, no one has bet more than $1,000 on Aaron Rodgers to win league MVP. Every other NFC North starter — including Justin Fields — has received at least on wager.

The Bills have gotten the most bets to finish the season 17-0 and have gotten the most action to win the Super Bowl.

The Buccaneers (275/1) received the fourth-most money to finish with the NFL’s worst record, only behind the Seahawks (+650), Bears (+600) and Browns (50/1).

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