Frustrated Bears: ‘There should be a lot more flags’ when Justin Fields is hit

ATLANTA — Bears players were frustrated by what they thought were late hits on quarterback Justin Fields in Sunday’s 27-24 loss to the Falcons.

“The league, if that was a different quarterback, they’d be throwing … a lot of flags,” safety Jaquan Brisker said. “I feel like the league [has] gotta look at that. It’s crazy, you know, how many times he gets hit in the head, every single game, but he still gets up. Gets hit out of bounds late or near the [sideline].

“If that was Tom Brady, Jared Goff or anybody like that, they’d throw flags, immediately. Just like you seen today. They threw a flag on [a hit on Falcons quarterback Marcus] Mariota, and he tripped.”

Fields felt like he was hit late by Falcons defensive lineman Grady Jarrett after he slid by on a second-and-nine draw play with 1:38 to play.

“I saw the contact,” center Sam Mustipher said. “That’s tough. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. They didn’t call it. I’ve seen it called both ways. … I woulda liked that call, for sure.”

So would Brisker.

“I feel like they gotta respect Justin some more and look at him as a quarterback,” Brisker said. “Obviously, there should be a lot more flags. He’s getting targeted every single game and none’s being thrown. …

“Maybe because he’s strong, he’s physical. I don’t know. He’s a quarterback. I feel like he should get the same. It should be equal. Like everybody else.”

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