Former NFL CB goes viral after misguided Chicago Bears takeJordan Campbellon September 8, 2022 at 3:36 pm

As the Chicago Bears prepare for the start of the 2022 NFL regular season, they have been no strangers to criticism from the National Media.

For the national media, the Bears are an easy target on paper. Despite flashes from rookie quarterback Justin Fields during the 2021 regular season, his stat line would suggest that he is trending towards being a failed first-round quarterback.

Couple that with the Bears hiring a defensive-minded head coach in Matt Eberflus and stripping the roster of key veteran players such as wide receiver Allen Robinson, defensive end Khalil Mack, along with defensive tackle Akiem Hicks and it shouldn’t be a surprise why national media types have the opinion that they do.

But, here is the beauty about covering sports in 2022, there is this magical machine called Google that national media personalities can use in order to get a better sense of the team they intend to spend a segment on during their respective platform.

With that magical Google machine, the talking points for the national media personalities in regard to the current state of the Bears’ organization can easily be explained away.

Former NFL cornerback Domonique Foxworth has yet to learn of that magical machine. Foxworth has transitioned from his playing career to the podcast industry and has immediately gone viral for an incredibly tone-deaf take on the Bears.

While speaking on the second episode of his podcast, dubbed “The Domonique Foxworth Show”, the former Denver Bronco insisted that Fields demand a trade from the Bears due to the lack of talented players around him and the “messed up” cap space that the team has.

Domonique Foxworth is clearly not doing good research into the Chicago Bears.

For those joining us from the comfort of their own home, let’s go ahead and Google the Chicago Bears projected cap space for 2023.

Assuming that you do not have the same technology intellect that Foxworth has, after your google search you should have seen a helpful link to the fine folks at Spotrac. According to Spotrac, the Bears have an estimated $104,374,702 in cap space entering 2023.

But let’s break it down even further for people like Foxworth that may have trouble comprehending numbers. Is the $104,374,702 projected cap space for 2023 good?

Turning to Spotrac once more, one would find that the Bears currently are projected to have the most available cap space in 2023.

That little experiment should have taken no more than two minutes to complete. As a result of that experiment, “messed up” is not what the Bears’ cap space should be described as.

Better use of “messed up” is the idea that ESPN continues to hire fringe former NFL players that know how to put on a cheap suit and fake smile in order to hide that they don’t know how to cover topics.

But, in Foxworth’s case, you tend to understand why he prefers lack of coverage as he was out of the league only six years after being drafted as a third-round pick in 2005.

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