Former Cubs star Kyle Schwarber goes off on an umpireVincent Pariseon April 25, 2022 at 7:38 pm

Kyle Schwarber had some great moments with the Chicago Cubs. This was a very good hitter that helped them secure their first World Series title in 108 years so he will always be considered a legend in town. Now, he has since departed and is in the news for something extremely funny.

Everyone knows that Angel Hernandez is an extremely bad umpire. He is one of the only umpires in Major League Baseball that is recognizable because he is so bad. Now that Joe West is retired, he has the crown of being the face of the umpire community.

Finally, someone snapped at him. He has ejected many people for arguing with his ignorant calls but Kyle Schwarber finally lost it. In the bottom of the ninth inning down 1-0, the Philadelphia Phillies were looking to tie the Milwaukee Brewers.

With one out, they had two more chances. Schwarber watched a 3-2 pitch go by him. Josh Hader made the pitch and it was way out of the zone. Somehow, Angel Hernandez called it a strike, and Schwarber was out. Chaos ensued after that.

Kyle Schwarber was not happy with this called third strike.

— ESPN (@espn) April 25, 2022

Former Chicago Cubs star had a complete meltdown after a blown call.

Schwarber immediately started throwing his equipment and screamed at Hernandez. He was ejected rather quickly and then proceeded to scream even more. He was really giving it to the umpire and even pointed in the direction of the Milwaukee bench. Saying that he was mad would be an understatement.

Joe Girardi even came out and had his guys back. He is right and Angel Hernandez has probably since seen that the call was brutal. He is the worst umpire in the game and it isn’t even really close at this point.

You don’t see these kinds of tantrums from Schwarber often so when it does happen people take note. This was one of the top sports moments of the night after it happened. Everyone, maybe even Brewers fans, had to agree with Schwarber.

If Hernandez hasn’t hurt your team with bad calls by now, he will. You have to wonder what MLB will do if other players follow Schwarber’s lead here. In order for baseball to be fair, umpires need to be good at their jobs and Hernandez is far from that.

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