Former Bears TE offers advice to a struggling Cole Kmet

What is going on with Bears TE Cole Kmet?

Cole Kmet was supposed to be a big part of the hypothetical Chicago Bears success in 2022. So far through two weeks Kmet has practically been a ghost. Cole Kmet has zero catches and only two targets through week two. This could be due to the fact that the Bears are not throwing the ball, whatever it may be, Cole Kmet literally has not produced anything for the Bears so far in the young season.

Ex Bears TE Zach Miller Weighs in on Cole Kmet’s lack of production

Zach Miller who spent three seasons with the Chicago Bears is a firm believer in Cole Kmet’s potential and ability. Miller who also went through trials and tribulations early in his NFL career offred some advice on The “Under Center” Podcast from NBC Sports Chicago that Kmet may find useful.

don’t listen to anybody because, at the end of the day, that will piss you off even more. I think if he’s confident in his abilities, truly, if he’s confident in himself and what he knows he can do, it’s just a matter of working and grinding until it starts to happen.

And then you basically force them to start using more. Right? You got to force them to say, ‘Okay, he’s getting open, or he’s doing this.’ Even if the ball’s not coming his way right now, you have got to get to a point where you’re saying, ‘Hey, look, I need this here, I need this ball here.’ Start to force them to throw your way and make some plays.

I would have to agree with Miller’s advice to Kmet. The season is extremely young, of course there’s going to be haters calling for Kmet due to his lack of production. But if Kmet sticks to his guns and believes in himself like Miller advised, the stats will start piling up for Cole Kmet.

Matt Eberflus knows the offense can’t succeed without a successful passing game

One of the biggest stories surrounding the Bears in this early part of the season is the failure to get their passing game going. Eberflus acknowledged this in a recent interview on Monday.

In the passing game, let’s highlight our skill, Let’s feed the guys that have skill that can take a short throw and turn it into a big gain, that can go downtown. And we have a good deep ball thrower so we should utilize that too. And we’re going to look at all aspects of that.

In order for the Bears passing game to wake up, they need to find ways to get guys like Kmet and Darnell Mooney the ball. Although Cole has barely been apart of the Bears offensive plan so far, Kmet has kept a rather positive attitude throughout his struggles early on.

I am going to remain optimistic like I always am about it. And we’re just going to keep working every day and keep grinding through it. We have a bunch of guys who work their tails off every day and we’re going to get this thing figured out.

It Sounds like Kmet and the rest of the Bears are confident they will turn this struggle to get the pass attack going around. This is the exact positive attitude you want to see when a young, rebuilding team is going through an early season hurdle. No one is pointing fingers, no one is complaining, everyone just wants to work hard and achieve every football team’s end of the week goal, which is to win the day. There’s no doubt the talent is there for the Bears on the offensive side of the football, therefore the Bears are due for an explosion offensively in the coming weeks.

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