First Folio debuts new play by a late, great comedic playwrightCatey Sullivanon May 13, 2021 at 7:15 pm

Kristine Thatcher and the late Larry Shue’s Waiting for Tina Meyer celebrates barfly connections.

Playwright Kristine Thatcher picked up where she and actor-playwright Larry Shue (The Nerd, The Foreigner) left off 30 years ago with the world premiere of Waiting for Tina Meyer, a romantic comedy that the pair began cowriting decades ago and that reads in its completed form like William Inge crossed with Samuel Beckett, mixed with a hefty dollop of When Harry Met Sally. 
The two-author, 65-minute romcom runs through May 23 in a streaming Zoom production from Oak Brook’s First Folio Theatre. The plot is minimal: A group of strangers gather in a dive bar in New Haven on New Year’s Eve.…Read More

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