Easter Sunday Yesterday & Today

Easter Sunday Yesterday & Today

“It’s like we time travelled back 2,022 years, Christ rises on His Resurrection today! That’s epic!” Our poignant nine-year-old affirms this basis of our Christian faith. Easter Sunday commemorates how our savior suffered before his crucifixion, which transformed the meaning of his sacrifice for the opportunity for all to be redeemed.

The Lenten season of 40 days, which leads up to Easter Sunday, represents a time to pray, fast, and be charitable. As a child each Good Friday during Holy Week, my Mom and her Mother took my brother, sister, cousin, our friends and me to Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. My Mom dressed us in Laura Ashley dresses, bonnets, white tights and patent leather shoes. Our Dad drove us for our yearly pilgrimage to the Walnut Room in Marshall Fields on State Street with the Easter bunny in downtown Chicago.

Our cousin Meredith, my sis Meg & me at Drake Chicago (1990)

The Easter traditions of my childhood shaped who I am today. This week, our boys attended Stations of the Cross with their Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy when a priest walks along fourteen images that portray Jesus being condemned to death, bearing his sufferings, falling three times, being stripped and nailed to the tree and dying.

In our own lives, we practice and learn to be more still for a gentle response. My husband, a Tenor cantor, accompanied the stations at church this Good Friday.

Easter bunny was thought to judge children (2022)

Each Easter Saturday and Sunday we gather with family. Yesterday, we took the train a few stops to downtown Chicago. As there was an unexpected delay, we exited the train and walked toward our destination Maggiano’s.

Maggiano’s Chicago (2022)

Although our eleven-year-old and nine-year-old boys doubted our scheduled 90 minute architecture tour yesterday, they persevered. We walked, climbed up and down steps toward the river dock to board the boat. We learned new fun facts about city of Chicago and its architectural splendor. This Easter Sunday, both my husband and our boys sang in the church choir for beautiful music makes us joyful. When we stumble and face challenges, we try to explore the truth with love. We strive to refocus and rise to better versions of ourselves. We slow to savor joy with hope and loved ones. We honor and remember those who passed.

Family throwback (2011)

We still acknowledge sadness and unjust hardship. We give thanks for the sacrifices our parents made when we were kids. Today, our Mother continues to find joy each day. She visits the sick and leads by example. We try to also be open and compassionate as we celebrate spring and rebirth. Happy Easter!

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