Early predictions for Chicago Bears 2022 schedule

Regular season action is still months away, but that doesn’t mean Chicago Bears fans aren’t guessing how the team will do this season. The 2022 NFL schedule was released Thursday. The Bears and their new head coach Matt Eberflus have a lot of questions still to answer about their roster. However, the Bears’ schedule is favorable, with a lot of winnable games.

Here are my estimations (more hope than rational) on how the Bears’ season might go. I’m certainly including the hope general manager Ryan Poles makes some trades or adds elite talent on offense in the upcoming free agency period.


Week 1: Bears beat San Francisco 49ers 16-13.

Justin Fields’ second season of experience is enough to outduel Trey Lance in his first year as a starter.

Week 2:  Green Bay Packers beat Bears 28-10

The bears can’t best Aaron Rodgers on Sunday night at Lambeau Field

Week 3: Bears beat Houston Texans 21-17

Lovie Smith’s team can’t score enough in Soldier Field like his last two seasons with the Bears.

Week 4: Bears beat New York Giants 20-17

Daniel Jones can’t outduel Fields. The Bears might have more offensive weapons than the Giants.


Week 5: Minnesota Vikings beat Bears 27-14

Bears will struggle at U.S. Bank Stadium, even if they play there early in the season.

Week 6: Bears beat Washington 15-9

This will be an ugly game on Thursday night that the Bears push through.

Week 7: Patriots beat the Bears 31-20

Mac Jones plays well at home and Bill Belichick isn’t going to lose this game on Monday Night Football.

Week 8: Dallas Cowboys beat the Bears 38-17

Bears score points in junk time. Lots of turnovers give Dallas an early lead. Who’s going to block Micah Parsons?


Week 9: Bears beat Miami Dolphins 24-21

Dolphins might score points off of turnovers but Tua Tagovailoa is still bad. He under threw Tyreek Hill in a hype video this week.

.@Tua 🚀 @Cheetah pic.twitter.com/HGALhokvkc

— Miami Dolphins (@MiamiDolphins) May 11, 2022

Week 10: Bears beat Detroit Lions 31-21

Justin Fields is feeling himself after seeing the Lions’ secondary.

Week 11: Atlanta Falcons beat Bears 27-17

Are the Bears winning three in a row this season?

Week 12: Bears beat New York Jets 23-14

Fields legs outdo Zach Wilson’s arm. The Bear’s secondary has fun with the new Jets quarterback.


Week 13: Packers beat Bears 24-21

The bears have an early lead until Rodgers breaks hearts in the 4th quarter.

Week 14: Bye. Bears can’t beat themselves?

Week 15: Bears beat Philadelphia Eagles 34-14

Even with A.J. Brown, the Eagles’ third-year quarterback Jaylen Hurts struggles in windy Soldier Field.

Week 16: Buffalo Bills beat Bears 38-10

The Bears are a far cry away from competing with this Super Bowl contender.

Week 17: Bears beat Lions 21-17

It’s an ugly turnaround game for the Bears but Jarred Goff is seeing an improved Bears secondary in his dreams Sunday night.


Week 18: Bears beat Vikings 27-21

If there’s one thing you can count on the Kirk Cousins Vikings for, they blow the games they need to move on.

10-7 would put the Bears right in the middle of playoff contention. There’s no reason to be a fan if you can’t be a little optimistic before the start of the season.




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The post Early predictions for Chicago Bears 2022 schedule appeared first on CHICITYSPORTS – Chicago Sports Blog – News – Forum – Rumors – Fans.

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