Dick Butkus gets hold of Bears’ Twitter account, zaniness ensues

The Bears are 2-1 and in a solid position to start their 2022 season. Though, with how the hopeful future of the franchise Justin Fields has played, the surprise start might feel more ominous than optimistic.

To seemingly try and boost the morale of their fans, the Bears had a special guest — NFL legend and Hall of Fame linebacker Dick Butkus — take over their Twitter account on Tuesday night. But it didn’t go as smoothly as they had planned. When Butkus initially introduced himself with a cryptic “hello” that built anticipation for an announcement.

His very next post appeared to be the legend accidentally filming at Halas Hall out of his hand? Out of his pocket? Who knows for sure:

Butkus would then reveal himself with a proper video while standing inside Halas Hall:

Butkus would engage with fans, asking what his first order of business should be inside the main building:

It appears he went with “picture by my number” first, though the number wasn’t visible in a perfect selfie encompassing the entire Twitter chaos:

Not long after, Butkus tweeted a note that he had made a mistake and wasn’t sure how to delete it. Of course, given the spate of tweets and fumbling beforehand, it wasn’t clear which specific tweet he was referring to:

And if it’s any consolation, he did get a great photo next to his customary No. 51:

In fairness to Butkus, this was the sort of havoc he used to wreak on offensive players all the time. But this is probably the first time it happened to the Bears as one of their greatest-ever players tried to figure out their social media.

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