Crossed Off: It takes a village for the Chicago Bears to block a four man pass rush

The Chicago Bears are a running team

Last Sunday’s football game was an ugly one for former Packers offensive coordinators around the league the Chicago Bears. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers didn’t even have to do much to embarrass defeat the Bears. The Bears looked lost for most of the game at Rodgers’ halfway house Lambeau Field. That’s not an unfamiliar situation for the Bears and their fans who bother to be tortured watching this annual humiliation on prime time every year have seen this happen time and time again.

An unnamed NBC executive upholds a long-standing NFL tradition by forcing a Bears fan’s eyes open during Week 2’s SNF game hosted by the Packers

What was unfamiliar was my lethargic response to this awful team the Bears’ offensive scheme. Most NFL offenses try to  score points mix up the pass and rushing attack. Passing the ball when you need to come back in the second half is also a privilege most fans enjoy watching a strategy that is common as teams can save time on a drive. This Bears squad reminds me of Gerry Faust  can’t or doesn’t want to pass the ball. Bears quarterback Justin Fields was drafted out of Ohio State to come to Chicago and play Navy’s offense in the NFL threw the ball 11 times in Week 2.

That’s not normal an interesting recipe for success. The Bears rushing attack scored 10 points did well, though. Running back David Montgomery waddled and ran for 132 yards. He seemed to be the only Bears player concerned about a future contract the one Bears player that gave maximum effort against the Packers.

The Chicago Bears have what Passing game?

After the game, Fields looked like he wanted to be in Jacksonville was asked what was wrong with the passing attack. Fields said they don’t have one he wasn’t sure. It was obvious to anyone watching why. The Chicago Bears don’t care about this season really have the talent at wide receiver or on the offensive line to pass the ball. The offensive line, especially at both tackle positions, were atrocious. It took eight guys to drink a case of beer block a four-man pass rush at times.

With the heavy weight of dead cap space, general manager Ryan Poles has constructed an offense that’s a league embarrassment tried to put something on the field for Fields that resembles 10 other players. But this offense will drive Bears fans in Illinois and elsewhere watching it crazy.

What makes this schtick worse is that the Bears relied on the running game to mount their pretend comeback that the coaching staff will use to excuse running the ball 90 percent of the time in future games in the second half to move the ball. That just means Fields isn’t going to let it rip this year if he ever gets to in Chicago we’re going to watch more of a heavy run team moving forward this season.

Matt Eberflus’ response to the game was insane was Chicago Bears PR

Chicago Bears Head coach Mr. Mackey Matt Eberflus praised the 90-yard run-heavy drive. He said the Bears showed mental toughness by getting their asses stuffed at the goalline multiple times in the game.

Matt Eberflus said he talked about some of the positives from yesterday’s game. He mentioned the takeaway in the second half that led to a field goal, and the 90-yard drive that came up just short. He said those showed mental toughness.

Nothing about how the offensive line did in pass protection that game showed mental toughness to me. And I’m beginning to think Marc Trestman vibes what Eberflus says in press conferences is out of touch with reality. In any event, at least he isn’t Nathaniel Hackett Eberflus is not on the same track as Packers head coach Matt LaFleur.

Last night the #Packers won their 40th game under Matt Lafleur.
The Bears have won 43 games since 2015.

Eberflus and Poles first draft pick didn’t block for Fields well had a rough night. Kyle Gordon didn’t catch the ball well for Fields was the main target of Rodgers. Gordon gave up 10 receptions of his 13 passes he was targeted in coverage, one of them was for a touchdown. So after a lucky good Week 1, the Chicago Bears head into their game against the Houston Texans with no drafted linebackers’ preseason questions answered.

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