Could Chicago Bulls bring Anthony Davis home in offseason?

After a very good start to the season, the Chicago Bulls have faded a bit despite still making the NBA playoffs. If there’s one thing this season has taught us, it’s that the Bulls need another big man in the paint as Nicola Vucevic hasn’t proven to be reliable down the stretch.

But one option the Bulls may have is a Chicago native in Anthony Davis.

Following the Los Angeles Lakers loss to Phoenix that eliminated them from the playoffs on Tuesday, Davis was asked about his future with the franchise. He offered up a simple, yet truthful answer about potential trade rumors:

“I can’t control those things,” Davis told ESPN after the Lakers’ loss to the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday, which eliminated L.A. from play-in tournament contention. “That’s an upstairs thing. A Klutch, Rich Paul thing. My agency.

“I mean, my job is to go out and play basketball. Obviously I love it in L.A. If that’s something that they’re considering, then we’ll have a conversation about it. I don’t know what they’re talking about, what’s the plan.”

As ESPN notes, there is no indication that the Lakers will trade him but the franchise is at a crossroads going into the offseason. How long will LeBron James stay in Los Angeles? How will they rebuild with no draft capital?  Is there young talent they can build around? And what are they going to do with Russell Westbrook?

The Lakers need to acquire young and talented players which is something the Bulls may not want to offer up in terms of someone like Patrick Williams. It’s at minimum an option for the Bulls to explore the trade for Davis but the injury history has to factor in as well.

Whatever happens, it feels like the Bulls will be involved in a lot of rumors moving forward this offseason as they continue to construct their roster for the future.

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