College Football: 7pm primetime games best bets

College football ends week 11 with the night slate for the 7pm primetime games

Here are the best bets for the college football week 11 7pm primetime games

Washington vs. Oregon on FOX

Bigger game than many think. Oregon needs this and Washington certainly needs this to mix up the Pac-12 and to have a shot at the championship. Everyone loves to talk about Bo Nix this year and is possible Heisman campaign. It has been a revelation to find consistency in this QB over the years because it was a struggle to figure him out at Auburn. The thing is not many talk about Michael Penix Jr. the lefty transfer from Indiana that is absolutely slinging the ball all over the college football land. He has more touchdowns passing than Bo Nix and over 700 more passing yards than Bo. Michael Penix Jr. is legit I love lefty QB’s and I think he is a beast but watching him at Indiana there were spots where he needed to show out to make the steps to becoming great that never took place. And I understand it was Indiana you can only do so much but it was the poor accuracy and missed throws that became interceptions that hindered those next steps. Could this be his redemption on the road in Eugene in easily his biggest game of his career.

Oregon is quite good and they may be the best team at home in the country to be honest. Georgia is cool, Alabama, Clemson but the fun I have watching Oregon games at Autzen stadium is different and one of the best in college football. The weather is always perfect football weather, the stadium is loud and consistent and the players dancing along to Shout going into the 4th quarter is awesome. Refuels the whole stadium of gas so the 4th quarter stays as loud as the beginning kickoff was. The spread and the over under number are both high. The over is interesting but who is to say Penix doesn’t show up or Bo doesn’t show up and they just aren’t sharp? It is just very high where everything needs to go quite well for both teams and I can’t say it will. To me Oregon has a good defense especially at home as it showed vs. UCLA when Oregon would not break and forced field goals and forced turnovers on 4th down. It is just such a tough place to win.

The Bet: As I was alluding too I have to ride with Oregon spread -12.5. The place will be nuts and genuinely the most important part is Oregon defense in this game. Can they play like they did against UCLA. Penix is going to sling it they have to play patient and wait for the mistakes.

TCU vs Texas on ABC

Many believe TCU’s time has come to finally lose this week against Texas. There have been plenty of weeks that I have said TCU’s time was up and that they would run out of gas but they never did. This week they definitely could lose. It is a very hard game to choose a side because the spread is high and TCU could cover that and even win. The real concern is Quentin Johnston and if he plays for TCU. Last week he didn’t play and TCU struggled against Texas Tech until the 4th quarter because they couldn’t throw and the play calling was disgusting.

Texas to me stinks a whole bunch because of the absolute garbage that I witnessed from them at Oklahoma State and nobody talks about it. It was by far the worst game of the season and it was quarterbacked by Quinn Ewers. Everybody loves the kid but seem to have missed his performance against Oklahoma State where he was single handedly throwing the game away for Texas against a horrendous Oklahoma State defense. No one seems to remember Ewers went 19-49 with 3 interceptions just a few weeks ago. 19-49! I swore I wouldn’t touch Texas after that game. I thought they would get smoked by Kansas State last week but of course not bad teams just love to stick around. It’s obvious that I don’t like either team at this point in the college football season.

The Bet: When in doubt it’s the Big 12, its in Austin and it’s a night game. I’m going with the over 65.

North Carolina vs. Wake Forest on ESPN2

This will be a quick preview……Points. Both teams can’t stop genuinely anything. The stats for North Carolina’s defense are actually hilarious and if you’re a fan of college football you just have to take this game. Vegas is challenging us with this game. Do we have the strength to take this over? I say we do.

The Bet: Over 78.5. Give me points!

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