College Football: 3:30pm primetime games best bets

College football week 11 continues with a solid 3:30pm window including a couple fun ranked matchups.

Here are the best bets for the college football 3:30pm primetime slot.

Alabama vs. Ole Miss on CBS

At a point I have to make a stand and state that Alabama can’t keep doing this and neither can Vegas. Double digit spread on the road for Alabama again and it makes zero sense which is why I want to take them because Vegas knows something. This is not the same Alabama team. They stink to be fair for the first time in a while in college football.

The OC Bill O’Brien stinks and so does the DC Pete Golding. The wide receivers are horrendous for Alabama. Bryce Young tries but he has a bum shoulder and no one that can get open. The offensive line is not close to be dominate like in years past. Alabama just isn’t the same this year and I can’t let Saban and his massive success in years past entrap me again.

Ole Miss isn’t great either by the way. Jaxson Dart is horrible and I’ve made that clear before. He genuinely tries to give the ball away. His numbers would be so much worse if defensive players just caught the ball. The positive this year for Ole Miss is the run game which is why I think they do well in college football in general and on Saturday. Home field is also the bonus here and I believe will hopefully will this team to cover.

The Bet: Ole Miss may not have the better recruits but this game means the world to them and I can’t take a double digit spread with Alabama on the road where they struggle mightily. Ole Miss +12.

UCF vs. Tulane on ESPN2

UCF won a good game last week vs. Memphis but it was with their backup quarterback. Their main man John Rhys Plumlee was out with an injury and unfortunately in college there are very little injury reports until the game starts and the guy is either playing or he isn’t. UCF is an ok team when watching them especially last week.

Memphis is definitely a weak team this year and had plenty of chances to tie or take the lead. UCF has been timely in games under Malzahn but in general no one has ever really been a huge fan of Malzahn during his college football time as there’s something about him where he just isn’t a great coach. Sure he can be good but just can’t get to great.

Tulane is sick this year especially with their defense. Last week I thought Tulsa could cover their spread being at home and they had every chance of doing so they just needed one touchdown in a quarter and a half. Long behold nothing happened at all. Tulane didn’t score nor did Tulsa. Tulane just shut them down basically the whole game just like they’ve done with basically every team they have played. This will be their toughest battle since Kansas State where Tulane pulled that upset off. Fortunately Tulane is at home in New Orleans in this historic matchup as they are ranked for the first time since 1998.

The Bet: It has to be Tulane -1. If John Rhys Plumlee plays for UCF I would be a little scared but Tulane has a really good defense and I am confident they will shut any quarterback down they face. Tulane -1.

Maryland vs. Penn State on FOX

Genuinely I do not like this game. But it’s primetime college football and it had the right idea of being a good game but Taulia Tagovailoa for Maryland is still little banged up and may not be 100%. This is a perfect spot for him which he loves to do and that is cause an upset or easily smoke a spread.

Last year Penn State went to Maryland and won pretty easily but there was some beef as Taulia was pushed by a player while out of bounds and that player was then suspended. Maryland may not matchup well but they are going to play Penn State harder than Penn State thinks they will.

Penn State stinks per usual and I’ve been saying it as James Franklin isn’t good enough and Sean Clifford for the past 6 years was never good enough. Their running backs are awesome and their defense isn’t half bad especially how they played Ohio State. But also Ohio State can’t really run the football but that’s a whole other problem. Either way Penn State’s college football season is over now nothing really matters to them and their about to face Locksley who loves to get his guys going and Taulia Tagovailoa who is always ready to go like his brother.

The Bet: Maryland is in a perfect sleeper spot to me and even at Beaver Stadium with a possible 100,000 fans I like the Terps +10.

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