College Football: 3:30pm primetime games best bets 11/5

College Football week 10 continues during the 3:30pm window with the most anticipated matchup in a long time.

Here are the best bets for the 3:30pm primetime college football games.

Tennessee vs. Georgia on CBS

The hype is real with this one. The comparison of the 2019 LSU team to this current Tennessee team isn’t far off. While LSU’s team is so difficult to compare since we see the success of so many of those players in the NFL it’s hard not to think the same about what could be for Tennessee’s group of players coming to the NFL draft especially at wide receiver. Hendon Hooker is an older QB which is a turn off for many franchises but QB’s can play long into their 30’s and with Hendon’s arm talent and his mobility I don’t think he should be counted out. Cedric Tillman and Jalon Hyatt are two dynamic college football wide receivers that can very well find themselves to be first round draft picks like Chase and Jefferson.

The comparison of the defense is what seem to have people timid to compare the 2019 LSU Tigers against this Tennessee team. LSU’s defense in 2019 was ranked 30th in total defense in college football. Tennessee currently has the 40th ranked defense in college football. It just isn’t a big difference as some make it out to be. The great thing about this defense is the ability to stop the run. It has massively improved compared to other Tennessee defenses who couldn’t stop anything but now in a physical conference like the SEC stopping the run is paramount.

Heupel and Hooker as well as the offense as a whole are so in sync its unheard of. We see it with Ole Miss and their no huddle offense and I love it. After every play whether it is a loss or a big play or a penalty or the other team gets chippy they run the ball to the ref get set and snap the ball for the next play. It is incredible efficiency, it leaves the defense little time to react and keeps the offense sharp and the defense on their heels. It is awesome to watch and it’s the major reason why Tennessee is where they are.

Finally the offense is the most dynamic in college football with Heupel the way the receivers split out so wide and force one on one coverage and betting your receiver wins the battle is perfect and what many of us ask for when we yell at the TV. Just let your stars make plays. One on one coverage just throw it to the guy more than half the time it’s pass interference or they catch it. The way the offense is set up with wide receivers split so wide benefits the run game too. While Tennessee doesn’t live and die by the run it is extremely effective during hurry up and having the defense spread so wide and on their heels. I don’t think Tennessee has to change anything for this game and Heupel I have to imagine feels the same way.

As for Georgia they are at home in what will be a wild college football environment and they have Kirby Smart. While he’s not a player he is at this point easily the successor to dominate in college football after Saban retires. After all Kirby is a disciple of Saban so he has learned a lot from him. The preparation week in and week out Kirby has for his team is incredible. Having great players is one thing but to have the best players and the most intelligent football players in the country is another level. The defense is so great because they are so prepared and smart and very often know exactly what the offense is doing which comes down to the coaching and preparation. The issue is this Tennessee offense is so different and new that having only one week to prepare could be an issue. Now losing their best linebacker in Nolan Smith Georgia will need a good pass rush without him which they don’t have this year ranking last in the SEC in sacks.

Offensively this year has much to be desired as Stetson Bennett has been struggling throwing the ball this year effectively. He has solid numbers yards wise but he has only 9 touchdowns this year and 3 interceptions. Watching him this year there have been plenty of missed throws that he was quite solid with last year at least towards the end of last year. Their leading receiver is Brock Bowers who is effectively a tight end but he’s also a monster so it makes sense he would be the leading receiver. The issue is they don’t have that star wide receiver like they normally do in years past. Daijun Edwards has been solid at running back for them but not a star like they’ve had in years past. You don’t need stars technically to be great in college football it is a team game and normally the Georgia defense is the star but its hard not to notice at the core positions for Georgia offensively there are no stars currently.

The Bet: I’m super excited for this game and maybe I’m buying into the hype too hard but Tennessee +8 is the play here. Check out the other side of this bet from Delonte Smith in his Tennessee vs. Georgia preview. 

Oklahoma State vs. Kansas on FS1

The rest of the 3:30 college football games are ok but mostly containing mismatches with high spreads the aren’t very appealing. This game although Kansas has fallen off a bit and Oklahoma State took a beating last week has some intrigue.

Oklahoma State got smoked last week and to be fair it was coming. I didn’t expect a shutout but Spencer Sanders can only hang on for so long like I expected. Same thing I said with Max Duggan but he’s proven me wrong. Spencer Sanders just isn’t that great. Against these BIG 12 college football defenses he looks great but his arm talent isn’t there and the decision making is rough. While this Kansas defense is nothing like their neighbors at Kansas State I think Oklahoma State’s offense just isn’t that good and having to go on the road again this week could become an issue late.

Kansas has been on a slide ever since their Heisman hopeful QB Jalon Daniels went down earlier this year with an injury. Jason Bean has come in and has done fine. They had the thriller against TCU and then had to go to Oklahoma and the defense was abysmal but Bean played fine and then went to Baylor and he also played fine. All three have been losses and its hard to all put it on Bean but he’s done decent since coming in for Jalon Daniels. I have looked all over but can not find any definitive report on Jalon Daniels playing this week even though he has practiced. Either way Kansas is better at home for sure and Bean can do just fine against this Oklahoma State defense that is a shell of itself from last year in college football.

The Bet: Kansas is -1 and I think this game is actually a close one where Kansas will cover that spread but seeing the over at 63 I would add that as well. Both defenses are terrible this year in college football which will allow Bean and Sanders to move the ball well. Kansas -1 Over 63.

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