Clark the Cub rules the world of baseball mascotsSun-Times staffon June 3, 2021 at 4:23 pm

Clark the Cub has been declared the best mascot in MLB.
Clark the Cub has been declared the best mascot in MLB. | Sun-Times Media

A survey of 2,000 baseball fans said Clark was the best. The White Sox’ Southpaw? Not so much.

The Cubs are way ahead of the White Sox when it comes to mascot popularity.

According to a survey conducted by, Clark the Cub is the best mascot in Major League Baseball. Clark’s South Side counterpart, Southpaw, came in 22nd place. Slider, the mascot for the Sox’ AL Central rival Cleveland Indians, came in last place.

Fans surveyed gave Clark a 3.95 rating out of 5. Southpaw had an average rating of 3.07.

Rounding out the top 5 best MLB mascots: 2. Paws (Detroit Tigers) 3. Dinger (Colorado Rockies) 4. T.C. (Minnesota Twins) 5. The Oriole Bird (Baltimore Orioles).

The worst MLB mascots: 1. Slider (Cleveland Indians) 2. Swinging Friar (San Diego Padres) 3. Billy the Marlin (Miami Marlins) 4. Raymond (Tampa Bay Rays) 5. Blooper (Atlanta Braves).

The most obnoxious MLB mascots: 1. Philly Phanatic (Philadelphia Phillies) 2. Baxter (Arizona Diamondbacks) 3. Slider (Cleveland Indians) 4. Swinging Friar (San Diego Padres) 5. Blooper (Atlanta Braves). surveyed more than 2,000 baseball fans and asked them to rate every official MLB mascot on a scale of 1-5. Ratings were then averaged for each mascot. Among respondents, 59% were male and 41% were female with an average age of 37.

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