City of Chicago trolls Chicago Bears

The city of Chicago could have chosen better art

If Chicago wants to keep the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, they’ll need to put a lot more thought into their negotiating process. Mock-up photos by the city are grabbing people’s attention on social media. And not for the right reason. They look like a troll job.

Chicago is trying to impress the Bears with what they can offer. Those plans include a dome. Recently, the city released new mock-ups for the project.

The new mock-up presents quarterback Justin Fields getting sacked by the Cleveland Browns defense.

Nothing says “the city of Chicago wants the #Bears to stay” quite like showing Justin Fields getting sacked in their Soldier Field renovation mock-ups

Not a good look for Chicago PR. It’s possible Chicago doesn’t want to actually throw away $400 million of taxpayer money for a stupid dome. Lori Lightfoot and company might be just trying to make it look like they care, while not wasting time getting a deal done. (Sort of like what general manager Ryan Poles does with free agents.)

Chicago Bears fans react to the blunder on Twitter

@jacobinfante24 Ha … maybe the mayor should’ve hired a Chicago PR firm for this

@jacobinfante24 These photos capture the essence of it all. So many comments could be said here….yet another gaffe between the city and this organization.

@jacobinfante24 Maybe the person who put it together is connected to Arlington Heights.

@jacobinfante24 9 sacks to pick from in that game and they chose that one?

Looks like Chicago did as good of a job presenting that as the Chicago Bears offensive line did keeping Fields up. The pictures aren’t going to sway the Bears’ ownership one way or the other. But the lack of preparation is just disappointing coming from one of the US’s most prestigious municipalities.

Or maybe that’s just what they think of the Bears.

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