Christmas music officially hits Chicago radio stationson November 7, 2020 at 7:00 pm

Construction Season. Winter. Christmas Music season. That’s it for Chicago and this year it’s starting a little earlier than normal. With Halloween ending last week, it’s now time to get into the Holiday spirit and jam out to some Christmas tunes. Because why not?

On Friday, Chicago’s 93.9 LITE FM kicked off the festivities by flipping the switch to Christmas Music at 4 p.m. And it’s a tradition unlike any other here in the Windy City. Look, you either love Christmas music or you hate it. While it might seem like it’s a little early, we all need a little good Holiday vibes in our lives, especially this year.

This is the earliest that LITE FM have flipped the switch since 2006 when they did it on November 2nd. But they have a good reason why as program director Mick Lee noted to Robert Feder:

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